Antenna Proposed for Lakelands Park

T-Mobile wants to install a telecommunications antenna in a light pole at Lakelands Park and Gaithersburg leaders want to know what you think about it.

The project includes the replacement of an existing 70-foot tall field light with a new light pole that is approximately 85-foot high.

At a City Council meeting on July 19, a company representative said the installation includes a small equipment compound at the base of the light pole. Another company representative said wireless signals from the pole will not interfere with other wireless services.

City officials say an agreement with T-Mobile would be a revenue generator but the rental rate has not been negotiated. Public comment on this proposed facility will be accepted until 10 a.m. on July 26.

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1 comment for “Antenna Proposed for Lakelands Park

  1. Beth Richard
    July 26, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Please DO NOT ALLOW the installation of this T-Mobile antenna at Lakelands. Every time we turn around, someone is proposing something which will destroy the character of the neighborhood. The existing lighting around the park is already not pleasingly aesthetic–even though practical. But a fifteen foot extension!! This would be so very unsightly. Why do they need to do this in a quaint neighborhood? There must be dozens of other sites where the company could place an antennae of this height without it protruding above homes all around. I am completely against it. I only found out about this tonight, July 25th, when I brought in the community newspaper from my mailbox.

    Believe me, I could get hundreds of signatures from Lakelands residents opposing this if they knew about it. It is a sneaky time of year to make this proposal with so many residents away on summer vacation. I, myself will be away soon and unable to alert my friends and neighbors.

    Please, elected officials, do not allow such a commercial facility to be constructed in our neighborhood small park. I voted for many of you, including mayor Katz, and I am counting on you to protect my community from this obscene marring of the landscape at Lakelands.


    Beth Ellen Richard

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