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Kentlands Wall Work Still Ongoing

Photo | Karen O’Keefe

On Nov. 30, 14 concrete-encased steel columns support the Kentlands wall  that runs atop a high elevation next to Quince Orchard Road. The concrete will be stained to match the wall color. Concrete barrier walls remain in place on the sidewalk.

A section of a retaining wall owned by the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA), located on Quince Orchard Road, collapsed on March 30, 2014, causing evacuation and temporary condemnation of two townhomes. The order of condemnation on the homes was lifted…

Freedom of Speech, Nana Style

Censorship has always been an abhorrent notion to me. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, our basic right to express ourselves as we see fit— protected as it is by our Constitution—has always been one of the central joys…

Neil Harris Moves to City Council

Photo | City of Gaithersburg

Neil Harris, Kentlands Citizens Assembly Board of 
Trustees chair, has been selected to serve on 
Gaithersburg City Council.

Neil Harris, longtime local community activist and Kentlands Citizens Assembly Board of Trustees chair, has been selected by the members of the Gaithersburg City Council to fill the council vacancy left by Jud Ashman. He will be sworn in on…

Tree Magic

When I was a kid, the film “Swiss Family Robinson” enchanted me. I recall owning the book by Johann David Wyss, and I know I read it, but the movie captured my heart first. This was unusual. I almost always…

In Gaithersburg, Jud Ashman Steps Up

Photo | Karen O’Keefe

Gaithersburg City Council member Jud Ashman will become the city’s mayor on Nov. 10.

When Sidney Katz, Gaithersburg’s mayor for the last 16 years, resigns next month to join the Montgomery County Council, two-term City Council member Jud Ashman will step into the job of mayor. “Life takes you to unexpected places,” Ashman said.…