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Northwest’s New Boys’ Basketball Coach

Photo | Submitted
BJ Dubuchananne was recently named varsity boys’ basketball coach at Northwest High School.

After a stellar 19-3 season, Coach Rob Smith stepped down as the varsity boys’ basketball coach at Northwest High School. He wanted to spend more time with his family during his kids’ pivotal years. Coach BJ Dubuchananne was recently named…

QO Sports Roundup

Girls Basketball Playoffs 1st Round Beat Wootton, 52-42 Senior Maggie Regan -13 points Junior Destiny Kelley – 13 points Freshman Tatiana Popa – 10 points Freshman Anaya Badmus – 10 points Playoffs – 2nd Round – Tuesday night game at…

Lady Cougars Pose Threat in Strong Division

Quince Orchard girls’ basketball went 2-2 over the last four games. The recent four-game stretch showcased promising skill from a team that’s still trying to break over that .500 threshold before the playoffs. In what Coach Chris Campbell deemed “the…

QO Girls’ Soccer Ends Stellar Run

Photo | Mac Kennedy

Junior Mary Wari (12) and senior Amber Argubie (10, ground) fight their way through a tough Urbana defense to try and put their team back on top.

The mark of a good team does not fall simply on talent and skill level; it is also the mental toughness and will to survive and win. Clearly the Quince Orchard girls’ soccer team had plenty of talent, but their…

Another Festive Fourth

Photo | Shannon Marsh

Children on decorated bicycles and festive scooters, battery-powered toy vehicles and strollers were a big part of the annual Kentlands 
July 4th Parade.

July 4th festivities kicked off bright and early at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as tons of Kentlands and Lakelands residents piled into the gym for a free breakfast. The tables were filled with neighbors excited to celebrate Independence…