Author: Sebastien Zeineddin

Sweet Swim Season for Neighborhood Teams

Photo | Phil Fabrizio, PhotoLoaf Graduating senior Kentlands Kingfish swimmers Jack Ingrassia, Hannah Harnois, Margaret Lilyestrom, Bryan Gurcan, Emily Mann and Lindsey Thoms pose for team photos before the start of the second half of their meet with Stonebridge Sharks on July 13.

Eating, hanging out with friends, and swimming—lots of swimming: That’s the description of this year’s swim season. The Lakelands Lionfish ended this season with an astounding five dual meet wins and snagging a comfortable 3rd in their Relay Carnivals. Despite…

‘Fish’ Face-Off: Kentlands Vs. Lakelands

Kentlands Kingfish Read Flaherty won his event in backstroke and placed second in free during an epic showdown with the Lakelands Lionfish. Photo | Submitted

In an all-out showdown, the Kentlands Kingfish and Lakelands Lionfish faced off against one another in an epic B-Meet. Lakelands and Kentlands slid on their trunks and dove into the water, racing against their long-time rivals. Parents and onlookers teemed…

New Swim Season Begins

Photo | Courtesy of Kentlands Kingfish Kentlands Kingfish Coach Jonathan Hoffman, dressed in the garb of Rafiki, hoists a young, mane-clad 9-10 into the air, declaring the Kingfish’s soon-to-be victory.

Our area’s swim teams are the Kentlands Kingfish and Lakelands Lionfish, coached by Tim Brockway and Shannon English, respectively. Each team has an incredible lineup of speedy swimmers, all eager to win their races. Both teams started off their time…