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Movie Theater Security Considered The recent movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La., and attack in Antioch, Tenn., has some wondering about the need for increased security. Regal Cinemas responded by banning backpacks and beginning to manually check bags as patrons…

Simple Gifts

Photo | Pam Schipper

Becky Pritchard leads Powerhouse Brass as the quintet records a CD of holiday favorites on Aug. 11.

After the last note was played in Studio A at Omega Recording Studios, Becky Pritchard hugged members of Powerhouse Brass, one by one, with tears in her eyes. Three members—David Rea, Justin Tritinger and Jacob Latour—are off to college. One…

In the FitZone 360°

Photos | Submitted

At FitZone 360° on Main Street, Johanna Soler focuses on multiple modes of training.

For Johanna Soler, fitness is a matter of degrees. In adding a circle’s circumference to the name of her new studio, the message she seeks to convey is that multiple, simultaneous modes of training contribute to a healthy body. “When…

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Christmas in July It’s not your imagination. Some evenings on and near Main Street, holiday music can be heard, carried by the summer breeze. The Pritchard Music Academy’s Powerhouse Brass has been hard at work practicing outside the studio on…

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Komodo USA Debuts Grade Level Math On July 2, Komodo USA at 402 Main St. began offering a Grade Level Math program to students in grades 1 through 6. The tutoring center, known for its use of the abacus to…

Largent’s Closes Amid a Storied Tale

Photo| Mac Kennedy

Largent’s Restaurant and Bar closed its doors on Monday, June 29 after some 17 months in business.

The location on the corner of Center Point Way and Market Street is beautiful, rising two stories with great big windows on top and an inviting corner entrance. But restaurant after restaurant has failed there, leading many in the community…

Thai Tanium Adds Spice to Market Square

Photo | Christine Darton-Henrichsen, Potshots by Christine

Thai Tanium’s popular $20 special includes entrees like this spicy lomein, an appetizer 
and beverage.

Call him Pat. With a name—Pattarapong Sebamonpimol—that is quite a mouthful, it seems a wise choice for the affable owner of Kentlands Market Square’s Thai Tanium Restaurant. Pat opened the eatery in March 2006 when he and his wife Sirinee,…