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Who Knew? A Diet for a Healthy Brain

As we get older, we have moments when we forget why we walked into a room or where we put the car keys.  We may worry that these are signs of dementia or worse. Worry no more! Enjoy these recipes from “The Brain Boosting Diet: Feed Your Memory” by Norene Gilletz.

Mike at the Movies: Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey (R) ***** This film did not turn out to be what I thought it might be. It became a feminist festival with strong and funny performances from all five of its stars: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn;…

The Many Faces of the North Bethesda Camera Club

Through the lenses of talented photographers, the “Faces” exhibit transports you to other worlds through the power of suggestion. Juried by studio portrait photographer Jill Bochiccio, this exhibit on view at the Arts Barn through March 23 celebrates the diverse work of North Bethesda Camera Club members.

Healthy Bones: How to Build Them for Life and Keep Them Healthy

All of the following is excerpted from “Healthy Bones: Build Them for Life: The Food-for-Bones Cookbook” edited by Paula Jacobson and Sheilah Kaufman for the Osteoporosis Foundation. Copies of the book are available on Many of us have heard…

Mike at the Movies: The Rhythm Section

Photo | Submitted The Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section (R) This is, make no mistake about it, Blake Lively’s movie. The former Chanel model and “Most Beautiful” top-ranked star in Hollywood has figured in light comic and domestic roles, but this is a true breakout role…

The Constant Reader: Two Sequels Worth the Wait

Photo | Submitted Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout

The authors of the two 2019 novels I consider here delayed producing sequels to their critically-acclaimed and commercially successful novels an unusually long time. “Olive, Again” is Elizabeth Strout’s follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize-winning 2008 novel “Olive Kitteredge.” “The Big…