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The Age of Adaline (PG-13) *** The effectiveness of a romantic fantasy based on eternal life for one of the members of the romance depends so much on the plotting that one holds one’s breath for about two hours wondering…

Hate Crime Strengthens Resolve to Promote Tolerance

Photo | Mac Kennedy

April 7 dawned with the discovery of anti-Semitic defacement of the Shaare Torah Synagogue. By 8 p.m. that evening, the congregation and the community gathered at the synagogue for a special service to reflect, heal and focus on strength.

In the still of the night of April 7, two masked vandals spray-painted 11 white swastikas, “KKK,” “Hitler” and a misspelled expletive on three sides of Shaare Torah Congregation’s exterior. Within hours of discovering the defilement of the 10-year-old Lakelands…

Breaking Bread With the Congenial Chef Charley

Photo | Submitted

For Whole Foods' Chef Charley Woolverton, food is more than culinary art­—it is a bridge between people that builds community.

Charles Woolverton believes his talent for cooking could be genetic. From an early age, Woolverton, aka the affable Chef Charley at Whole Foods Market in the Kentlands, served as sous-chef to his mother, an English chef trained in French cuisine.…