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City Adopts Small Cell Facility Regulations

Requests from the telecommunications industry to install small cell facilities have been growing. Following study and recommendations by city staff, the Mayor and City Council adopted ordinance and regulation amendments related to small cell facilities at its Dec. 18, 2017 meeting. Additional small cell facilities are needed, the industry contends, to address increasing broadband needs of residents.

The city’s amendments better define how telecommunications facilities can be installed in rights of way, they clarify the zoning and installation requirements, and they create special rules allowing staff approvals for certain installations that have limited impact. By adopting these amendments, the city is establishing standards to ensure that these installations balance the primary use of the rights of way for transportation and pedestrian access with the desire to provide additional broadband services, all while helping to maintain neighborhood integrity.

More information on these amendments can be found at

School Opportunity Grants Available

In the FY2018 budget, the Gaithersburg Mayor and City Council approved funding for a School Opportunity Grant program to address the needs of area schools in which 10 percent or more of the enrolled students are city residents. A total of $20,000 is available for individual grants that are designed to fill a gap in a current program or to fund an unexpected challenge or opportunity during the 2017-2018 school year. This grant program is separate from the traditional City of Gaithersburg School Grant Program, funds for which were awarded during the FY18 budget cycle in July.
The School Opportunity Grants will be awarded to support programming in the areas of CHARACTER COUNTS!, Financial Wellness, Academic or Personal Enrichment, Parent and Community Engagement and/or the Promotion of a Positive School Environment.

Applications for School Opportunity Grants are now being accepted, and will be considered until the fund is exhausted. Application forms and instructions are available at