County Considers Soccer Fields

Montgomery County is exploring a concept to build more soccer fields on 4 acres adjacent to Lakelands Park.

Gaithersburg Mayor Sidney Katz and other city officials learned of the idea at a meeting in late July with county officials about the status of the National Geographic site.

Gaithersburg’s Planning and Code Administration Director Greg Ossont said tennis courts are currently situated on the land being discussed for the fields. He did not have any more information about the status of the idea other than that a private organization was involved in the talks with the county. He said the county was looking for feedback from the city.

According to Ossont, the interior and exterior improvements to the main National Geographic building will commence later this year and wrap up next spring. He said the public service memorial has been finalized and will be located next to the main building rather than in the open area along Route 28 because of parking concerns. Ossont said he is scheduled to get a sneak peek of the project this month.

As for the county’s liquor warehouses, Ossont said there is nothing new to report as Peapod will occupy the warehouses adjacent to Lakelands until 2011.

Ossont said he had not heard any news about the status of the city’s aquatic center originally planned off Route 28 either.