Foundry Fitness Celebrates Opening of New Location

Photo | Submitted Foundry Fitness celebrated its grand opening in Kentlands Market Square on Saturday, May 11.

Photo | Submitted
Foundry Fitness celebrated its grand opening in Kentlands Market Square on Saturday, May 11.

Foundry Fitness was founded by owner Eric Pellicci in 2011 and just celebrated the grand opening of its all-new, bigger and upgraded location at 205 Market St. West. “We designed the new Foundry Fitness to create an even better product and experience for our members—and add more value to our community,” Pellicci said. “We accomplished this by upgrading every single thing, from the smallest details to the biggest, and (seeing it) come together is truly special.”

Foundry Fitness is much more than a workout space—it’s a lifestyle, Pellicci said. Led by experienced master trainers, the comprehensive, structured, weight training-based program combines proper body sculpting with high-intensity interval training and cardio. And the result is transformative.

“You’re building a lean and balanced muscular physique and burning tons of calories at the same time,” Pellicci said.

“Workouts are intense and focused on specific muscles groups each day to prevent muscular imbalances, maximize muscle fiber breakdown and recovery, and enhance mind-muscle connection.”

Classes, which feature high-energy music and camaraderie among participants and trainers, are offered seven days a week. Due to their varietal nature, it’s completely conceivable—and safe—to attend six days a week, Pellicci said.

“Muscle groups that are sore from (one day) are not going to be the same muscle groups you’re hitting (the next day), so you’re actually recovering and working out at the same time,” Pellicci continued.

Consistency is key to maximizing results. By attending at least three classes per week, members will burn fat, build lean muscle, tone up and notice an increase in strength and conditioning performance. The program, which is built by Foundry Fitness trainers, uses a range of fitness equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX and plyo boxes, runs in four-week cycles—three weeks of high-intensity training followed by a “deload week.” Each one-hour session is broken down into five segments—warm-up, weight training, high-intensity cardio, core work and stretch/cool down—and hones in on two muscle groups.

To mark its grand opening, Foundry Fitness is currently running a limited time special: $119 a month for unlimited classes (police, military and teacher rates are also available). Prospective members are invited to try a free trial class.