Kentlands and Lakelands Go Green

The Town Courier has learned the recycling participation on a recent Thursday in Gaithersburg was 76 percent.

That’s the same day the city picks up recyclables in Kentlands and Lakelands and the highest percentage of any weekday for collection in the city limits.

Public Works Director James Arnoult said he sees so many green bins put out in Kentlands and Lakelands for collection that he was not surprised to find the highest recycling percentages on their pickup day.

Assistant Public Works and Engineering Director Ollie Mumpower said he expects to see higher participation in traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs) because residents live so close to each other and tend to see other people recycling, too. He said the percentage was even higher in Kentlands and Lakelands, almost 90 percent, if they didn’t have to factor in the two-over-two townhouses. He said the two-over-two townhouses also brought down the participation rate in Quince Orchard Park as well.

“The inclusion of these units lowed the participation,” Mumpower said.

City officials surveyed the recycling participation rate during the first week of October and found an overall participation rate of 67 percent in the city limits.

Mumpower said the survey was for informational purposes only. He said the city will probably do it again next year. On average, he said, the city receives four or five requests a day for a recycling bin or cart.

Recycling by Day

Monday 63%

Tuesday 69%

Wednesday 74%

Thursday 76%

Friday 51%


Overall participation rate 67%