Lazy, Hazy Days

Photo | Phil Fabrizio
Deanna Bogart opened for Bad Influence at the Main Street Music Festival season opener on June 20.

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to get out into the community! Sure, there are lots of events, festivals, concerts, etc. to enjoy in Washington, D.C., but why go so far afield? The city of Gaithersburg and our local neighborhoods have plenty to offer during this season.

Joe Pritchard, owner of Pritchard Music Academy, is excited to again run the admission-free Main Street Music Festival on Thursday evenings during the summer.

“We are going by the, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ philosophy [this year,]” said Pritchard. While the format remains the same, he said, new performers and sponsors keep the festival exciting.

Pritchard added that many of the headlining bands featured this year are regionally well known and not from the Kentlands or Lakelands communities. However, all the opening acts, which play earlier in the evening, have some tie to Kentlands, Lakelands and/or Gaithersburg.

“The band that opened our first show was Flatline Aura,” Pritchard said. “[The band members] all went to Quince Orchard High School, and they still call Kentlands home!”

Star Diner owner Marty Kobrin also loves the summer and the special events it brings to the area. The Star Diner’s Tiki Bar hosts a full outdoor bar with live music every Friday and Saturday night. While residents enjoy hearing some of their favorite bands return summer after summer, there is always something new as well.

“We always [have some] new bands in the summer,” said Kobrin. “[I think] Ether will stand out as a favorite [this year].”

The music, which starts at 7 p.m., is always family-friendly — at least in the first few hours — and often enjoyed by the very youngest residents of Kentlands and Lakelands, who like dancing, jumping and running around to the tunes. Adults and singles appreciate the entertainment as well as the opportunity to imbibe summer cocktails in the fresh air.

According to Kobrin, all this is what makes summer such a great time in the neighborhood. “What I enjoy the most is when my guests are enjoying themselves listening to free live entertainment and having fun at the Tiki Bar in a nice, casual, relaxed environment,” he said.

While some may not have time to fully take advantage of all that the nearby area and city has to offer, Kentlands resident Christy Froehlich, who moved here from Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2005, savors her neighborhood the most during the summer months. “In Scottsdale, where summertime temperatures soar well above 110 degrees every day and even the overnight low stay above 100 degrees, the summertime culture was nonexistent. We either left town, stayed in our backyard swimming pool or in the confines of our air-conditioned home,” said Froehlich, who has two children. “When we moved to Kentland eight years ago, we were so excited about what the summertime [here] offered. First of all, we could actually be outside — huge bonus! Secondly, there is such a fun and lively vibe here in the summer. People are excited be out and about, neighborhood BBQs are rampant, and life seems more relaxed.”

Froehlich’s favorite summertime activities include the Kentlands Fourth of July parade, local concerts, the neighborhood farmers’ market, camping, boating on the Chesapeake, “and of course, Kentlands Kingfish swim team season!”