Leaders Meet in Closed Session

The Gaithersburg Mayor and City Council met 15 times behind closed doors in the last 12 months.

In the last month, leaders convened behind closed doors twice to discuss potential litigation and to obtain legal advice.

On July 19, Gaithersburg Mayor Sidney Katz and the City Council met in a closed executive session to discuss potential litigation and to consider land acquisition after the regularly scheduled meeting at City Hall. Several staff members were present as well.

“The purpose of the session is to consult with counsel, staff and other individuals about pending or potential litigation and to consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto,” according to an announcement posted on the city website.

On August 2, the leaders again met in private after the regularly scheduled Mayor and Council meeting.

“The meeting is proposed to be closed pursuant to the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 10-508(a)(7) to consult with counsel to obtain legal advice and Section 10-508(a)(8) to discuss to consult with counsel, staff, and other individuals about pending or potential litigation,” the August 2 announcement on the website read.

According to records on the city’s website and obtained by City Clerk Doris Stokes, the leaders also met on January 11 and 19; March 8 and 15; April 1; and May 3, 2010. Most of these meetings were described as personnel or litigation issues. Last year, the leaders met on August 3; October 5, 6 and 12; November 16 and 23; and December 7, according to Stokes. Most of the 2009 meetings were personnel related.

Not all the executive sessions are archived on the city’s website.

2009 Executive Sessions

August 3
October 5
October 6
October 12
November 16
November 23
December 7

2010 Executive Sessions

January 11
January 19
March 8
March 15
April 1
May 3
July 19
August 2