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To the Editor:

I awaken to the sounds of construction coming from the ever-expanding MedImmune across Great Seneca Highway. Normally it doesn’t bother me as I always thought of MedImmune as a friendly company whose expansion brings both career and economic opportunities the people of Gaithersburg, but after being ordered to leave the parking garage in the middle of the 4th of July fireworks display by a security officer who suddenly appeared (after we were there for at least 45 minutes before the fireworks started) threatening us with calling the police if we did not vacate the premises, my opinion of this ever-expanding giant has greatly diminished.

We were questioned as to whether or not we were employees of MedImmune, and when a few of the employees did not step up to the plate and stand up for us I thought, how un-American can you get? How do you tell a group of parents and kids that they have to leave and miss the fireworks display, especially when people were parked all over the roads and parking lots along Quince Orchard Boulevard where we moved to and still had a great 4th?

I think Medimune should host a 4th of July Party for the community to show their appreciation of our support!

— Diane Gerber


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  1. July 19, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    I am not sure why Ms. Gerber felt entitled to trespass on private property after business hours. The liability issues with having kids and adults wandering around an active construction site are mind-boggling, not to mention the sensitive information housed by MedImmune, and I applaud the security guard for doing their job. Unlike Ms. Gerber, I am not surprised, nor find it un-American that MedImmune employees did not lie on her behalf to the security guard, and thus jeopardize their own careers. I would suggest that if Ms. Gerber wishes to enjoy the fireworks with her family, then she take her family to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds and enjoy them from a publicly designated spot. Rather than implying that MedImmune owes us something (such as a July 4th party), perhaps Ms. Gerber should be thankful for the stabilized housing prices, active businesses and flowing tax revenues – thanks in part to MedImmune’s infrastructure investment in our community. I know that I am!

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