Pillow Talk

If we had throw pillows on our couches growing up, I don’t remember anything about them. I mean, I am sure we had whatever came with the furniture but they were an afterthought and inconsequential to me. Likewise, my bed pillow. I will tell you exactly what I recall: I had a pillow to sleep on at night and it was fine.

So when exactly did I and the rest of the world become obsessed with pillows? Accent pillows, body pillows, lumbar pillows, dog pillows, memory foam pillows, pillow shams and more!

America clearly has a penchant for pillows. In 2017 alone, US spending on pillows tripled. OK, well, I made that up. But in my defense, it cost $9.99 for the full report so I relied on a chart and some graphs where the bars were escalating so let’s just say spending is https://www.passitdump.com/az-100.html big and on the rise.


For instance, a search for throw pillows on Wayfair’s website will yield 179,000 results.

Yup and don’t even get me started on the endless options on Etsy …

I’ll admit, I have gone down the rabbit hole https://www.passitdump.com/az-101.html of online pillow shopping. Each time, I would resurface like Rip Van Winkle—dazed, confused and wondering what I had missed while I was gone.

But I still love me some pillows.

Currently, there are eight pillows on my bed that are not used for sleeping. There is an order to placing those pillows that confounds my husband. How can it be that he doesn’t notice that the patterned pillow goes behind the solid pillow for contrast?

It is because he is normal and I have a pillow problem. And apparently, in my house, that puts me on an island.

My son said to me this morning in all sincerity, “I don’t know how you can sit on the couch with a pillow behind you.” Sigh. … It’s like I didn’t even give birth to him. …

But, it turns out that none of my offspring grasp the beauty of some decorative foam support. The pillows in the family room (yes, all nine of them) end up on the floor at some point. It is a sad, color-coordinated pile that no one appreciates except the dog who settles right into the middle of them for a nap. Maybe if they made Fortnite pillows, my boys would leave them on the couch and love them like I do.

My youngest doesn’t sleep with any pillow whatsoever. He sleeps flat on the mattress like pillows weren’t even invented or a thing at all. Where have I gone wrong?

By contrast, I am confident that I dream of pillows. You know why? Because I am surrounded by them as I slumber. My memory foam pillow is propped up by a larger square pillow with a body pillow for support. I am wrapped in a pillow cocoon that even menopause and old age can’t destroy.

In short, pillows make me happy and as far as vices go, this is pretty tame, right? Well, apparently my doctor thinks so. Recently he told me that I need to sleep propped up to help with some ongoing medical issues. This directive was akin to putting a kid in a candy store or a pig in serious slop.

I was getting professional, potentially life-saving permission to shop for pillows and I was taking it very seriously.

I immediately went about finding the ideal set-up that would provide just the right tilt. The discount home stores did not disappoint with aisles of options. Round pillows, furry pillows, firm pillows, soft pillows; I was Goldilocks happily searching for the pillow that was just right.

Getting doctor’s orders to embrace the power of the pillow should have vindicated me, but my family was still not impressed. In fact, my husband did not care about my new pillows one iota! He just wanted to ensure that this exercise was not going to change his sleeping habits with his one sad pillow on his side of the bed.

I have to remember these are the same people who have no respect for the magic that is HGTV. It explains a lot, really.

When my kids move into their own homes, they can make individual decorating choices which may or may not include a plethora of pillows. But I hope they look back at all these accent pillows with fondness and realize it was not crazy but rather my attempt to create a “Home Sweet Home.”

Hey, someone should really embroider that on a pillow.