Police Arrest Burglary Suspect

Photo | MCPD

Eric Lin is charged with first-degree burglary and two counts of theft.

Montgomery County police say an assault rifle is missing from a Kentlands home in the 200 block of Hart Mews after a burglary was reported there on May 24.

Corporal Dan Friz describes the 3-foot-long gun as a Sig-Sauer assault rifle point 223 caliber that resembles an M16.

Friz said the gun was not loaded and there was no ammunition in the house. He said the gun was securely locked up before suspect Eric Lin entered the premises.

According to Friz, Lin entered the house around 10 a.m. after climbing up the balcony fence and entering an open window.

“[The suspect] took a shower, had lunch and went on Facebook as if he was living there,” said Friz.

Friz said when detectives asked Lin why he broke into the house he told them that he was “looking for weapons.”

Lin was discovered in the house hours later by a relative of the homeowners at around 4:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon. He was apprehended, within minutes of the police receiving the 911 call, in the Market Square area where he was walking near Five Guys restaurant.

Friz said the responding officers were eating lunch when the call went out and that the suspect actually waved to them and told them what he had been doing.

They placed him under arrest and took him to the station for an interview, Friz said.

According to Friz, the suspect told police he was homeless and had been in the Kentlands neighborhood because a homeowner was feeding him and letting him sleep in the backyard. Friz said that information could not be confirmed.

In addition to the gun, Friz said some jewelry was missing including a ring and pearl earrings. Police have recovered one of the earrings.

Bond was initially set at $100,000.

At press time, the gun was still missing, and police are urging anyone who may find it to call them at 301.279.8000. Friz said the gun could be hidden anywhere such as under an eve, in an open garage or even in the nearby woods. A nanny, Friz said, reported seeing the suspect carrying a large object hidden under a blanket earlier in the day. Police believe Lin had been hanging out in the neighborhood for months.