Police Beat

Northwest Band Students Robbed After Practice

While the crime of robbery is not a frequent occurrence in Montgomery County, it happens enough to be a concern to both the police and to citizens. People get robbed on the Metro, in commercial areas, in their yards, and anywhere where people carrying cash are likely to be.

On Oct. 23, three thugs tried to pull a robbery that even the most experienced police officers had not heard of before. Northwest High School had band practice after school, and sometimes due to the nature of their activity practice can extend to after the sun sets. A boy and a girl had just finished practice in the lower lot of the school when they were approached by three individuals who had their faces hidden with some type of material. One pulled a knife and demanded cash. Neither student had any money and the robbers ran off in the direction of Richter Farm Road. The kids immediately called the police and the area was searched with no success. The only description that was given to the police was that two of the suspects were black and the other was either white or Hispanic.

Principal Jimmy D’Andrea sent a letter home the next day and informed parents of the incident. No arrests had been made at the time of publication.