Police Blotter


6/15/2018. The parent of a student at Lakelands Park Middle School went to the Germantown station of the Montgomery County Police to report that her child was assaulted by another student after school.


6/14/2018. Property was damaged in the 200 block of Edison Park Drive.


600 block of Heathwalk Mews, 6/30/18. Suspects entered an open garage and took items from a car.


6/17/2018. A man was arrested for trying to steal goods from a grocery store in the 12200 block of Darnestown Road.


Unit block of Market Street, 6/29/2018. Pickpocket.

One Hundred Years Ago

The deputy state driver’s license commissioner came to Rockville to administer driving tests. One of the candidates was Herbert Filer of Gaithersburg. As soon as Filer’s machine began moving it lurched forward and struck James Wallach, 72, a farmer from Germantown, and Perrie Waters, the supervisor of assessments for Montgomery County. Both men were seriously injured but were expected to recover.


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