Police Blotter

7.24.18, 900 block of Hillside Lake Terrace—theft; confidence game
7.25.18, 200 block of Kentlands Boulevard—theft
7.26.18, 100 block of Edison Park Drive—assault
7.26.18, 300 block of Kentlands Boulevard—making a false police report
7.28.18, 200 block of Kentlands Boulevard—theft
7.28.18, 100 block of Alderwood Drive—theft
7.30.18, unit block of Main Street—liquor law violation; selling to minors
7.31.18, 400 block of Tschiffely Square Road—second degree assault inside residence
8.4.18, 200 block Kentlands Boulevard—shoplifting
8.21.18, 100 block of Kentlands Boulevard—assault
8.21.18, 800 block of Center Point Way—theft
8.21.18, 12200 block of Darnestown Road—shoplifting
8.28.18, 100 block of Alderwood Drive—theft

One Hundred Years Ago

Several farmers joined forces to complain to the county commissioners that the actions of Thomas & Company, a cannery
in Gaithersburg, was polluting a stream that ran through their farms. They alleged that the stream was emitting a sickening stench and something that was harmful to their animals. Thomas & Co. had been producing beans for the U.S. government since the first of the year.

Fifty Years Ago

Nine young men were the first to be arrested for loitering under the new county ordinance enacted Aug. 15. Police said
that they were drinking beer, being loud, and littering when officers arrived on the scene at a parking lot in Gaithersburg.