Quince Orchard TV

With episodes aired and available on YouTube, Quince Orchard TV’s mission is to recognize and celebrate all that is special about QO. Photo | Phil Fabrizio

QOTV is collaborating with The Town Courier. Every Friday, we will be posting QO TV stories written, shot and edited by talented Quince Orchard High School students.

These students are in the Audiovisual Communication & Broadcast Technologies pathway through the school’s Career Technology Education program, taught by Quince Orchard English teacher Kunal Arora.

QOTV stories published Jan. 17, 2020:

Sister Cousins
QO’s Maya Ronick is part of the duo “Sister Cousins,” performing indie, folk and Americana. You may know her as part of the five-member band Karousel. Edited and produced by Maya Ronick.

Teen Slang With Ms. A
Do you know 2020 slang? Ms. Albaraacin puts her knowledge to the test! Produced and edited by Tasfia Haque.

QOTV stories published Jan. 10, 2020:

Life can be stressful. Take time to meditate. QO students can do guided meditation at lunch every Wednesday in the dance studio. Shot & edited by Drew Rushline. 
We hope these make you laugh, or smile, or cringe. Shot & edited by Wes Simons. 
QO students dramatically read reviews of local spots. Produced by Caeleigh Seawall and edited by Tasfia Haque. 

QOTV stories published Dec. 13, 2019:

Mr. Rogers Parody & Parking Lot PSA
Drew Rushline impersonates the late, great Mr. Rogers, to deliver an important message on parking lot etiquette.

Caeleigh Seawall spotlights Asha Miller and her transition from living in Perth to living in America, and attending Quince Orchard High School.

QO Sports Net
Jamie Elder interviews Adam Gotkin, student at Quince Orchard High School, and founder of QO’s first and only play-by-play sports radio. Listen to the boys call the games.

QOTV stories published Dec. 6, 2019:

Reporters in a Pickle
Jack Lalos and Chloe Smith put fake nes to the test in this tongue & cheek investigation.

Teachers Play Minecraft
Luke Clarke & Noah Clarke convince their teachers try out a game our students love. Here’s what happened.

Drew Rushline puts a spotlight on QO alumnus, Jake Seiniger aka Brecreation
Find Jake’s music here.