School’s Out!

Summer fun is in. Around town, kids are involved in a great variety of summer camps and other activities. Here are a few snapshots from these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Booking It at the Arts Barn

All summer through mid-August, the Arts Barn is hopping with creativity and fun—from the visual arts to musical theatre, improv and fashion. The week-long “Tell Your Story” camp, taught by Jaree Donnelly and Sue Kay, concluded Friday, June 26. Campers ages 8 to 12 had many wonderful stories to share—and a finished, bound book to take home.

P.E.A.S. Power

During week three of the Positive Energy Art Studio (P.E.A.S.) The Big Question (BQ) summer camp, young artists studied the face and figure. They used their talents and newfound skills to power THE SKETCH-O-MATIC on Friday, July 3. Community members were invited to sit for a five-minute portrait, done inside of a booth created by campers from wardrobe boxes, tape, paint and markers.

Other projects were on display the final day of BQ week 3. Led by P.E.A.S. teachers Nannette Horan and Patti Connell, students made busts from balloons, paper mache, paint and shoe boxes; figures from packing paper, masking and duct tape; masks from cardboard; silhouettes; stop-animation videos and more.

Each week through July 31, P.E.A.S. asks, “Why do ARTISTS do what they do?” One “Big Question” is studied each camp session.

Pivotal Play Soccer Kicks Off

On the first day of Pivotal Play Soccer’s new neighborhood summer camp at Lakelands Park, players ages 7 to 18 worked on tactical skills. This first week-long camp session, which began July 13, works on fundamental skills and complex moves, and the group has been divided by skill level and age. “Each day we’ll work on a set topic, whether it’s technical or tactical, so that at the end of the day, they’ve come home, they’ve learned a new skill and how to apply it in a game,” Camp Director and Pivotal Play Soccer business owner Ali Feldman Khrizman explained. A second one-week session runs July 27-31 at Lakelands Park.

Pivotal Play Soccer also offers a camp for younger players, ages 3 to 6. Lil’ Soccer Stars continues at Lakelands Park July 27-31, 9 to 11 a.m.