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Opus Yoga Replaces Inner Reaches

Opus Yoga studio has opened on the second floor of 257 Market Street West in Kentlands Downtown, formerly the location of the Inner Reaches yoga studio. Opus Yoga offers similar classes to Inner Reaches, including Kundalini and Vinyasa. Additionally, yoga classes are offered at different levels, ranging from beginner to continuing to intermediate. The deepening class is for practitioner of all abilities.

Opus Yoga owner Sharon Neubauer taught at Inner Reaches for eight years before owner Dee Gold decided to give up the business and focus on her barn studio in North Potomac, Md. Gold, whose elderly parents live in separate cities, was struggling with managing two studios as well as attending to her aging mother and father.

“My frequent trips out of state to help care for them consumed so much of my time that it became cumbersome to try to keep both studios running,” said Gold.

When it became obvious that the answer to her struggles was to turn her attention to the barn studio closer to her home in Potomac, it was Neubauer who made the decision seamless. “I couldn’t bear the thought of not teaching there [Inner Reaches] anymore,” said Neubauer, “so I decided to take the plunge and take over that space.”

It was hard for Gold to say goodbye to her Kentlands studio and the local Inner Reaches community, but she knew she was leaving the business in competent hands, which made her decision much easier. “[I have] so much respect for [Neubauer’s] skills and talents,” Gold said. “[Her] love of the Inner Reaches community was my assurance that [she] would continue to serve our students with the utmost care and integrity.”

Neubauer couldn’t be happier as the new owner of the Kentlands studio. “I really love the community and space here,” she said.

As for the differences in the old and new owners’ philosophies? Neubauer said Opus is merely “continuing Dee’s mission” and doesn’t aim to be different from or better than the former studio. However, she added, “I [do] hope that I have infused some new energy into the studio.”

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Best In Class Joins Kentlands Education Centers

Kentlands Downtown’s newest education center, Best In Class, has opened shop on Main Street for children and teens. The company, which started out in the Seattle area in 1995, has officially opened its new branch at 364 Main Street in unit #200.

In a recent press release concerning the opening of the new location, Best In Class is described as “an academic institution specialized in instructing mathematics and English classes for students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.” The center offers private tutoring for students requiring extra academic assistance, as well as programs for gifted students seeking higher-level challenges.

“For students who are doing just fine in school, we can help accelerate in both math and English so that they can become one of the top students in [their] class,” said Best in Class Education Center CEO Hao Lam said in the press release.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, the Kentlands center will offer small group classes with tests and homework based on their level of achievement in a placement test.

Kentlands is currently spoiled for choice in education centers. Chyten, Eye Level (formerly E.nopi) and Spider Smart all offer a variety of options for those looking to give their children a leg up or extra help with academics.

Lam believes Best In Class is the smartest choice. “The difference between Best In Class Education and other tutoring centers,” he said, “is the quality of the curriculum and the superior instruction of the staff who lead the classes. We have a great team of highly trained and qualified teachers who are very devoted and motivated to helping students.”

The education team at the Kentlands center includes franchise owner and lead math instructor Eric Kao, his wife Wei-Yi Chu, Rebecca Granham and Ben Liu.

Kao was once a Best In Class student himself and dreamed of opening his own branch of the tutoring center. Now that his dream has been realized, he aims to provide the finest education services available so as to adhere to the company’s mission: “Best in Class Education is not just our name, but our motto as well.”

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