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A Personal Touch to Fitness

Red Zone Fitness, a new fitness club, has opened beneath Salon Red at 224 Main Street, Suite 100. The gym is relatively small but well equipped, and is designed for use only by a client with a personal trainer. The owner is Alex Modaressi, son of Salon Red owner Morty Modaressi.

“Since I was 15, there was another trainer down there,” said Modaressi. “I used to work out with him when I was in high school, and I was always interested in opening my own gym down there — instilling my vision of a place where trainers … can bring their private clients for that true one on one experience. When [the previous tenant] left after 12 years, the opportunity was there and I jumped on it.”

Modaressi is Red Zone Fitness’s sole personal trainer. However, a client of the gym may bring in his or her own certified personal trainer to work with in the facility. The space was designed to be private, but once business picks up, Modaressi promises it will remain a very personal experience.

“We would allow two customers and [their] two trainers in here at once, max,” he said.

Modaressi is a certified trainer with many years of fitness experience under his belt. Prior to the opening of Red Zone, he worked as a personal trainer at Equinox gym in Bethesda, Md. He said he charged $110 an hour at Equinox, but that because Red Zone is his own business, he will charge $60 – $80 an hour, depending on what kind of membership a client purchases.

He said the small gym has numerous benefits. “First, there is zero distraction,” he said. “And I have the freedom to go over the hour to do five to 10 minutes of assisted stretching. [At Equinox] you only had that hour and your time was up.”

Modaressi thinks Red Zone will be perfect for both the advanced client and the novice. The gym boasts a large assortment of Kettlebells and other equipment sometimes not found in larger facilities.

“Some people don’t have the confidence to even step into [that kind of] gym,” said Modaressi, “But here it’s perfect even for the novice. A client can learn one-on-one from their trainer in [an intimate] setting.”

For more information, call 240.498.0289 or visit

Popkorn Mama

Popkorn Mama, a gourmet popcorn store that opened over the summer on Market Street West, has officially closed its doors as of Oct. 28. The store was located on the back side of the Star Diner, across from Thai Tanium. Several small signs have been posted on the windows of the store, thanking patrons for their business and announcing the closure. The website,, now also features a brief message about the end of the business:

“Thank you to everyone who supported our store and product. We have decided to close our store. If you are interested in opening a gourmet popcorn store of your own please contact us at 240.750.3544. Please forward all inquiries to Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.”

Attempts to reach the owner for comment were unsuccessful as of press time.

Benevolent Buddhist

The Benevolent Buddhist and Culture center, located at 404 Main Street on the main level has closed. It is unclear whether this was due to a move or a true closure of the center altogether.

Yoga Bliss Studios, located just above the former center, remains open for business.