Shop Talk

Lunch at the Spa

Not Your Average Joe’s (NYAJ) restaurant and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa have teamed up to create an extra indulgent experience for spa customers.

“Since ‘Not your Average Joe’s’ opened in the Kentlands, we have been a huge fan of their food! We are proud to roll out a new spa lunch menu featuring their delicious creations,” said Emily Bartel, manager of Red Door Spa.

A special menu will be available to spa patrons, which will include salads, sandwiches, NYAJ “favorites” lunch entrees, as well as gluten-free items. Spa patrons will also be able to make special requests, just as they could if they were dining in the restaurant itself. NYAJ will deliver the orders directly to the spa.

Erik Larson, general manager of the Gaithersburg location, said he hopes the new service will make spa guests feel more at home and enjoy their day more. “As the patrons of the spa pamper themselves a little, we can really make them feel at home with some great food.”

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is located at 62 Market Street, and Not Your Average Joes restaurant is located at 245 Kentlands Boulevard. For more information, please visit and

Karma Is Key at Kentlands Nutrition

Kentlands nutrition isn’t Medifast, nor is it Weight Watchers. The services this business has provided the Kentlands community for the past six years are 100 percent free.

“We are free educators and wellness coaches, bringing nutrition to everyone,” said Laura McClure during a recent interview with The Town Courier.

The first step to enlisting the services of McClure and her fellow nutrition coaches is simply to walk into the store, located at 240 Main Street. A first-time visitor will be greeted by the staff and offered a free smoothie, as well as a cup of green tea and a shot of flavored aloe. The menu of shake flavors is as diverse as the clientele who seek guidance at Kentlands Nutrition: French Toast, Butterfinger, and Very Berry Splash, to name a few. The variety stems from six different protein base flavors, with variations added through fruit add-ins, extracts and flavorings. The shakes are high in protein, come in at only about 200 calories each, and contain no milk.

“We like to call it fast food for smart people,” said McClure.

New customers are then offered an appointment for a one-hour health and wellness evaluation given by one Kentlands Nutrition’s health counselors. During the evaluation, the customer will fill out a health history form, take a metabolism test, and talk about their concerns and goals with the counselor. The last step is for the customer to choose a protein powder, if they desire, so they can make shakes at home. The store provides free recipes so shake flavors can be replicated.

Some customers want the shakes but not the free counseling. Many people choose to stop by the store for their shakes, while still others don’t use these shakes regularly at all. Any of these approaches is fine with McClure.

“It’s not about making money,” she said. “This is a place for like-minded people to hangout. We have a lot of regulars — just like the show ‘Cheers.’ This is a place where everyone knows your name.”

For those who thrive on community support, Kentlands Nutrition has more than just one-on-one wellness coaching. There are group challenges, in the style of “The Biggest Loser,” that feature weekly weigh-ins and nutrition classes for all participants. Additionally, even those not competing in a group challenge can take advantage of the 24 Fit Club, a free, outdoor workout every Saturday at 9 a.m. aimed to include people of all fitness levels.

“We aren’t trainers,” said McClure. “We just want you to have fun and start moving.”

McClure noted the biggest challenge the shop has faced is letting people in the community know that Kentlands Nutrition exists and what it’s all about. “We don’t teach diets,” she said. “We teach nutrition for life.”

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