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Fountain Out of Order Gaithersburg’s neighborhood Services Director Kevin Roman said repairs are needed before the water will be flowing at the art in public places fountain located at 106 Main Street in Lakelands. According to Roman, city officials have learned from the fountain’s property manager that the water meter needs to be replaced.

KDP Meets with City Leaders

Members of the Kentlands Downtown Partnership (KDP) met with City Manager Angel Jones, Assistant City Manager Tony Tomasello and Planning and Code Administration Director Greg Ossont on June 7 at City Hall to discuss the status of funds and partnership opportunities. City Manager Angel Jones said the two-hour meeting went very well, and she assured the downtown group that the remaining $35,000 in city funds will be available no later than July 1 for charrette implementation initiatives.

Main Street Music

The first Main Street Music Festival was canceled on June 9 because of rainy weather. Look for the event to resume every Wednesday (weather permitting) at 6 p.m. at the Kentlands Main Street Pavilion Green. For more information about the lineup, go to

Manna Food Drive

Members of the Rockville Express were at the Kentlands Giant on June 12 collecting food for Manna Food as part of a baseball food drive challenge at six Montgomery County Giant Food stores.

Kentlands Mansion Departure

If you have ever rented the Kentlands Mansion, chances are you have met Ann Choate, the facility director. Choate has just announced she will be retiring from her post at the Kentlands Mansion effective June 30 after 21 years working for the city of Gaithersburg.

Art and Photo Reception

The Mayor and City Council and City Manager Angel Jones turned out for an art and photography reception at both the Kentlands Mansion and Gaithersburg Arts Barn on June 8,
and it may have been one of the biggest turnouts ever. One reason for all the hubbub was that City Council member Ryan Spiegel’s wife, Rachael, had some of her travel photography on exhibit.

NLC Committee Tours Kentlands

City Council member Michael Sesma hosted a visit of the National League of Cities (NLC) Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee (EENR) on June 8 – 10, which included stops at the Kentlands Mansion, Arts Barn and O’Donnell’s Seafood Grill.

Matching Grant Program

Neighborhood associations and community leaders have until July 15 to apply for funds from the city’s neighborhood matching grant program. An e-mail went out from City Hall on June 10 to local leaders with deadline and application information. The city has included $60,000 in the 2011 budget for the popular program.

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