Sroka Attends FBI Academy

Chief Mark Sroka

Gaithersburg Police Chief Mark Sroka is now on administrative leave in order to attend an elite 10-week FBI National Academy for law enforcement leaders in Quantico, Va. He is scheduled to return in June.

“It is an honor that Chief Sroka was selected to attend the academy, and his experience will undoubtedly enhance police operations in Gaithersburg,” said City Manager Angel Jones. “Acting in capacity opportunities at the Gaithersburg Police Department will be shared during his absence.”

Two lieutenants are splitting the acting in chief duties while the chief is away. Jones said the city would compensate the police lieutenants acting in chief pay if they serve in the acting role for at least 15 days.

Sroka’s attendance at the Academy was a condition of employment per the terms of his contract, and Jones confirmed he would be compensated by the city while at the Academy. Sroka was sworn-in as the city’s new police chief last July. He earns a salary of $145,903 a year.

“While the training is intense, the chief has committed to remain in contact during his absence,” said Jones. “I am confident that the highest level of public safety will continue to be achieved in Gaithersburg.”

Jones added that professional development remains key for her staff’s continued growth and success.

“Despite the budget challenges of recent years, I have maintained that with a lean staff and a high level commitment to excellence, it is more important than ever that staff take advantage of opportunities that help them work smarter, to network with colleagues to discern best practices, and to develop skills that add value to our organization,” she said.


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  1. Citizen
    April 28, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    This is a funny article. Chief Sroka has been here less than one year and has yet to pay his dues. He has no problem whatsoever leaving for the FBI acadmy while the department is in ” Turmoil.” This guy has the nerve to put out a press release on March 30th about members of “his” department being corrupt, specifically stating that one had been fired and two additional had been suspended. His press release made it in to the local news and caused quite a frenzy. Sroka then left on April 4th, which is the next week, to go to the FBI academy. What was he thinking? The department was left in the uncapable hands of two newly promoted lieutenants who were tasked with running this “corrupt agency” that has had like ten internal investigations since January of this year! Again, I ask you, what was he thinking? More importantly, what was the city manager thinking to let him go when the Gaithersburg Police Department was in such turmoil? I hope the FBI academy has a training block in leadership because he sure is in need of it.

    I’m wondering why the information in this article is such a big deal. The department has a current police sergent that attended the FBI academy 10+ years ago. Retired Gaithersburg Chief of Police, Mary Ann Viverette has also attended the FBI Academy, as well as retired Lieutenant, Peter Jones. Having personally known Chief Viverette, there is no doubt that she would never have done such a selfish thing as to leave her deparment in such a state. But wait, Chief Viverette was able to leave her agency because she had three capable and experienced command staff members to keep the agency running smoothly in her absence. I sure hope nothing of a serious nature happens during Sroka’s absence. If this is the case, the city will either need to ask the county to handle it for them, or the lieutenants will need to call Sroka by phone so he can tell them what to do (if he knows how).

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