Summer Snapshots

Well, it is official: Summer is a wrap. We have the dog swim as solid proof. We were short on relaxation this year with jobs, sports and bizarre staph infections but there were some highlights.

Here are my random thoughts on summer 2017.

  • At some point, my youngest began calling our dog LeBron. Now, for those who don’t know, our dog’s name is actually Murphy. No one else in the house was on board with this name change, and it caused an all-out identity crisis for the poor pooch. While he did not answer to LeBron per se, he did recognize that someone was trying to get his attention. Kind of like reading the Wall Street Journal as a bedtime story but using the same inflection as you would with Mother Goose. Little ones may sense that something is off, but aren’t quite sure what. The jury is out on whether the real LeBron found this namesake flattering.
  • My oldest came home from college with a speaker on wheels featuring a microphone and Bluetooth capabilities. It is as large and obnoxious as you would imagine. One night the boys had a karaoke session that shook the walls. They started with a rousing edition of “Jump Around” and then inexplicably moved on to rapping childhood books. So, out came “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and some Dr. Seuss and both got a 2K infusion from my trio of offspring. Although, sadly, there will be no record deal, it was fascinating. One, because we actually still have those books for no apparent reason and two, because it was way more entertaining than most rap songs they subject me to every day. On a side note, apologies to the neighbors. It was that loud.
  • Are we the only ones who were completely riveted by the Little League World Series? We watched game after game, picked favorites and marveled at the talent of these young kids. Maybe that was the fascination for my boys, seeing children their own age out there killin’ it day after day. My favorite part was discovering that sports moms from South Korea and other far-flung locations are just as likely to cover their eyes as their son pitches and wear matching team shirts as we Americans are: #momsareuniversal.
  • Teaching my 16-year-old to drive and cook all in one summer could end up being very lucrative for my insurance agent. We should consider adding more coverage for fire (stove), flood (water left running all the time), medical (possible food poisoning), and car (OMG the near misses). Fortunately, he has made tremendous progress without significant damage to any of our insurable assets, but I believe that is more from luck and prayer than actual skill on his part.
  • We only had one week of vacation. Initially, I was disappointed that commitments at home would prevent more travel and beach time. What I found is that it forced our hand to really embrace the short time we had. We managed to find the perfect blend of family time for the five of us plus time with extended family, outings with friends and date time for my husband and me. I believe the lack of vacation options made us choose our activities very carefully and made it more meaningful. We felt rested and connected when we returned home.
  • And finally, no matter how long the break is, and this year it was post–Labor Day, we are never quite ready for back to school. The backpacks remained untouched until the last minute, assignments were completed the night before, and our denial of summer’s end was complete.

But as I type this alone in my house with Murphy (LeBron) by my side, there is no denying reality. Summer is a memory now but oh, what memories we made.