Sustainable Planning

Kentlands-based meeting planners Christy Froehlich and Britt Schwendinger enjoy the balance of living and working within their community.

Many people go to meetings daily as part of their jobs. Sometimes, multiple groups or companies are involved, or perhaps a single organization is simply getting together for learning and collaboration in a new environment. Most meeting participants simply show up at a time and place, often in a hotel conference room, to talk, listen and eat donuts, but someone had to plan the event. And that someone could have been Christy Froehlich or her business partner, Britt Schwendinger.

Precision Planners is an environmentally friendly meeting and event planning company run out of the Kentlands homes of Froehlich and Schwendinger since July 2012.

“We offer full-service meeting and event planning — soup to nuts, as they say!” said Froehlich. “Anything from strategic meeting design, site selection, hotel contract negotiation, per-planning logistics, on-site coordination and meeting wrap-up.”

While Precison Planners is a fairly new company, Schwendinger and Froehlich are old pros in the field. Schwendinger has worked in the industry for 17 years, owning her own event planning company for nine of those years. Froehlich has spent the last 19 years involved with all facets of event and meeting planning, from hotel conference services to destination management.

The two friends had the idea to start their own business during the winter of 2011.

“It has been a blast ever since then,” said Froehlich. “We feel so lucky to do what we love doing and being successful at the same time.”

Both Schwendinger and Froehlich work from home offices. “Kentlands is an ideal place to work from home. Britt and I are able to float between our two houses for conference calls or quick collaboration,” Froehlich said. “Our children’s school, [Rachel Carson Elementary School], is within walking distance, which is a huge factor with our work/life balance.”

Their flexible schedules, as well as relatives who also live in the neighborhood and nearby, make it easier for the two women to raise their kids, ranging in ages from 5 to 12, while running a successful business. Because Kentlands boasts “so many great people that work in such fascinating industries,” added Froehlich, much of the pair’s networking begins in the community itself.

In addition to traditional meeting and event planning services, Precision Planners specializes in sustainable practices and encourages social responsibility, which has attracted such major clients as the Direct Marketing Association, The Saylor Foundation, F5 and The Mötley Fool. According to Froehlich, the meeting industry is one of the most wasteful sectors in America, something that has recently begun to change. The aim of Precison Planners is to create meetings and events that not only avoid hurting the environment, but also have a positive impact upon it.

So far the biggest challenge for Schwendinger and Froehlich has been handling the amount of work they have already received.

“We were awarded our first contract a week after our LLC was official,” said Froehlich, “and the workload has been steady and increasing ever since then! However, we have just aligned with our first long-term subcontractor to assist with the workload.”

The secret to this immediate success? Froehlich says it’s a combination of their combined 36 years of experience; their streamlined, green and efficient practices; and their financial model.

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