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Photo | Mac Kennedy Homes in Quince Orchard Park are ready for Halloween.

Photo | Mac Kennedy
Homes in Quince Orchard Park are ready for Halloween.


Annual Halloween Bash in Limbo

While it’s fun to dress up as ghosts, vampires, zombies and all manner of the undead for Halloween, the demise of Quince Orchard Park’s Halloween Bash for lack of volunteers would not be festive. Can you bring this annual QOP tradition back from the dead? Without volunteers, the Halloween Bash will have to be postponed until next year. If you have time to volunteer, please contact Alex Deering, community co-manager, at

Please Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Even the sweetest dog can become territorial and behave unpredictably when approached by a stranger. Due to a recent dog bite incident in Quince Orchard Park, the Board would like to remind dog owners to keep their pets on a leash.

If you are confronted by a strange dog, follow these steps suggested by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division:

Do not run away. Stand quietly, your hands at your side. Face the dog, but do not look him directly in the eyes. Remain still until the dog loses interest, or back away slowly and calmly until you reach safety. Never turn your back on the dog.

If the dog tries to bite, “feed” him your purse, jacket, backpack or anything else in an effort to protect yourself.

If you fall or are knocked to the ground, curl into a ball with your hands over your ears.  Remain as still as possible, and do not scream or yell.

Report dog bites immediately to the Animal Services Division by calling 9-1-1 (if in-progress) or 301.279.8000 (if not in-progress).  Prompt reporting allows for proper investigation and quarantine to prevent the possibility that the victim will contract rabies.  Under state and county health laws, any person with knowledge that an animal has bitten or scratched a person must report the bite promptly to the Division of Animal Control and Humane Treatment.  Medical personnel also have a duty to report to the Division anytime they treat a patient for animal bites.

Submit Budget Feedback by Nov. 7

The draft 2017 operating budget was mailed to all QOP homeowners on Oct. 4 for review. A 3 percent assessment increase has been proposed, which would bring individual homeowner assessments to $90 per month. This first assessment increase since 2015 results from higher contractor costs and an increased need for reserve funds.

Due to increases in the minimum wage, QOP’s trash removal contract increased by approximately $3,000. The trash contractor, who has not raised its fee in seven years, could not absorb the minimum wage increases and, as a result, was forced to pass a 6 percent increase in the contract cost on to Quince Orchard Park.

An engineer updated the QOP reserve study and recommended that $3,500 be budgeted in 2017 to repair capital assets as the need arises. These include the clubhouse, pool, tot lots and alleys. A reserve contribution of $9,116 has been recommended to account for some of the changes being made to the clubhouse during the expansion project.

A line item for cyclical repairs has been added to the budget to cover the cost for repairs like cleaning and weather-sealing the park benches, painting the common area stair railings and dock, and similar projects.

QOP’s snow removal costs have increased by approximately $9,160. The community has negotiated a flat rate snow removal contract. Unfortunately, the heavy snowfall of the past two years has put the community over its snow removal allowance. A portion of the contract increase pays for this excess snow removal.

Please send any written comments on the draft 2017 operating budget to Ruchita Patel, community manager, 20440 Century Boulevard, Suite 100, Germantown, MD 20874 or via email at by Monday, Nov. 7.

Fountain Repairs Made, Underway

The Mill Green Avenue fountain has been repaired and was functioning at its full capacity as of Monday, Oct. 17. The floating fountain on Winter Walk Drive is currently being evaluated to determine why it is malfunctioning. This should be fully operational no later than Friday, Oct. 21.

Concrete Poured

The clubhouse expansion is progressing well, Jonathan Barber of Ultra reported to the QOP Board on Oct. 11. Foundation concrete was poured last week, some six days behind schedule because of rain. Barber said that he is not worried about the delay, and Ultra should be able to deliver the project on schedule.

Design Consulting Funds Approved

The Board approved up to $3,000 for interior design consulting to make the most of QOP’s new Clubhouse Fitness Center. Under consideration are lighting, mirrors, and paint color and brick finishes.

Planning for Pool Season Year-Round Project

Improvements to the 2017 pool season are already underway. The Board is speaking to pool contractor RSV Pools about scheduling float days on the first and fourth Sundays of each month for three to four hours each day. Also under consideration is a movie night or similar evening event. Administrative changes include a box for 2017 pool pass applicants to fill in each individual’s relationship to the head of household.

Holiday Decorating Contest Around the Corner

Up and down streets, around corners and down alleyways, Quince Orchard Park will be decked out for the holidays fairly soon. With this beautification of the neighborhood comes QOP’s annual Holiday Decorating Contest. Please decorate your home by Dec. 7. The QOP Board will select a handful of the most festive homes, and then the community will be invited to vote on first-, second- and third-place winners. Recognized homes will receive $100 (first place), $75 (second place), and $50 (third place) Lowe’s gift cards.


Trash and Recycling

Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday and must be placed in lidded trash cans. If left for collection in bags only, trash is ripped open by animals and strewn throughout the community. Continued use of bags may result in fines.

Recycling is picked up on Fridays. Containers with lids are now available from the City of Gaithersburg. Please contact the city at 301.258.6370 to have a lidded bin delivered and the old one picked up. Bulk pickup is usually the first Friday of the month. The next recycling pickup is Friday, Nov. 4.

Please remember that trash cans and recycle bins must be stored out of sight on non-pickup days.

The City of Gaithersburg and Potomac Disposal (301.294.9700) both offer collection services for bulk items at no cost.

No Pickup for Loose Leaves

Please put your leaves into paper bags and put these out with the recycling. Neither the city nor QOP picks up leaves that are blown or raked to the curb. Also, please remember that raking or blowing your leaves onto the common areas is not permitted.

Dog Duty

Cleaning up after dogs is the legal responsibility of every canine owner walking a dog in the community. Dogs are not permitted off-leash on common property in the City of Gaithersburg.

Visit the New QOP Website!

The Quince Orchard Park website has a fresh new blue color scheme and is being populated weekly with new photos and content. If you have photos to share, please email them to Community Manager Ruchita Patel,

QOP Management Contact Information

Quince Orchard Park Community Manager Ruchita Patel

QOP Co-Manager Alex Deering

c/o The Management Group
Associates, Inc.

20440 Century Boulevard, Suite 100

Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: 301.948.6666


Oct. 24 — Condo I Board meeting, location TBA, 7 p.m.

Oct. 26 — Condo II Board meeting, location TBA, 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 1 — HOA Board meeting, Quince Orchard High School cafeteria, 7 p.m.