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Photo | Pam Schipper Excess sediment has been removed from Pond 2 and placed on the pond slope to dry out.

Photo | Pam Schipper
Excess sediment has been removed from Pond 2 and placed on the pond slope to dry out.

Pond 2 Dredging Phase Complete

SOLitude Lake Management has finished dredging Pond 2 behind Summer Walk Drive. The removed sediment, which is currently drying on the pond slope, will be spread around the outside of the pond and seeded.

Silt fencing will be removed as soon as SOLitude receives city approval for the work. SOLitude anticipates project finish by mid-April.

Not Child’s Play

Kids who board the school bus at the Quince Orchard Park Clubhouse are doing what kids naturally do—playing while they wait for the bus to arrive. Unfortunately, this has been impacting community property and may pose a safety risk.

Please ask your children to refrain from playing in flowerbeds or climbing on rocks and trees. Playing ball or bringing bicycles into the clubhouse is not permitted.

Some children have been playing with equipment in the fitness room. Management is concerned that they may get hurt and equipment may be damaged. Please ask your children to stay out of the fitness room.

Matching Shutters

Warmer weather inspires many of us to get outdoors, landscape and spruce up our homes. If you’re considering replacing one or more shutters on your home, please remember that all of the shutters on that side of the home must be the same color. Exterior paint fades over time, so existing shutters will need to be repainted to match the new shutter.

Also, please remember that shutters should be an approved color. You can find all approved colors on the QOP website, Go to the “ACC Information” tab and select “Paint Colors” from the dropdown menu.

Join the ACC

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is looking for volunteers. The ACC’s mission is to maintain the beauty of our community and homeowner property value, a job that has become more important as the community ages. If you’re interested in joining the ACC, please contact The Management Group Associates at

Fitness Room Updates

As we get settled into the new fitness room, tweaks to rules and equipment are to be expected. Please send any suggested
updates to fitness room rules to Community Manager Ruchita Patel at New fitness room rules, which include the following, will be posted in September.

  • Please don’t use your cell phone for extended conversations inside the fitness room. In order to not disturb other fitness room users, please take the conversation to the social hall or outside the clubhouse.
  • When using the weight machines, please lower weights gently. Nearby residents hear weights when they are dropped. In
    addition to disturbing others, dropping weights damages the equipment.

The fitness room television is in its current location so that people using the weight equipment can see it. There is no good viewing location within the fitness room for cardio equipment users.

Residents are welcome to use the Wi-Fi at the clubhouse to stream video and watch on their tablets or cell phones when on the cardio equipment. To not disturb other fitness room users, headphones should be used.

Board Needs Community Input on Boundary Changes

Montgomery County Public Schools is working to reassign some Northwest and Clarksburg high school students to Seneca Valley High School when that school’s addition is completed, anticipated for fall 2020. According to the first round of redistricting options released on March 11, QOP students will not be affected by boundary changes. Diamond Elementary School and Lakelands Middle School are not included in the seven boundary change options presented by MCPS.

But with the possibility of a second round of boundary change options, the QOP Board would like input from the community. Where would you like your children to be reassigned, should this become necessary? A new high school is anticipated for Crown in 2024. Or would you prefer that your children stay in their current feeder pattern?

MCPS could release a second round of boundary change options next week. Meetings to be held at 7 p.m. on April 8 at Northwest High School, April 9 at Seneca Valley High School and April 11 at Clarksburg High School will present a second round of options (if necessary) and cover feedback from the first round of options.

Inspections Begin Soon

Please plan ahead for spring inspections and check your home for anything that needs maintenance. Rotten trim, faded or missing shutters, unkempt landscaping, exposed wires, pitted outdoor lights or dirty siding are some common issues. Community managers also look for items that don’t comply with QOP Design Guidelines. These might include unapproved paint colors or other exterior modifications. You can find the Design Guidelines under the “ACC Information” tab on the QOP website,

Please remember that if you do get a violation letter, your response is very important. You can tell The Management Group Associates that the issue has been corrected, or you can ask for more time to complete the repairs. If you feel that the issue was cited incorrectly, please let The Management Group Associates know and community managers will reinspect. If the citation was made in error, the issue will be closed. If the citation was correct, community managers will provide more information on the issue.

The best way to contact The Management Group Associates is by email at

Management Mentions

Dispose of Trash and Recycling

Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday and must be placed in lidded trash cans. If left for collection in bags only, trash is
ripped open by animals and strewn throughout the community. Continued use of bags may result in fines.

Recycling is picked up on Fridays. Containers with lids are now available from the City of Gaithersburg. Please contact the city at 301.258.6370 to have a lidded bin delivered and the old one picked up.

Please remember that trash cans and recycle bins must be stored out of sight on non-pickup days.

The City of Gaithersburg offers bulk trash pickup (furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc.) on the first recycling day of the  month.

The next bulk trash pickup is Friday, April 5. The City of Gaithersburg and Potomac Disposal (301.294.9700) both offer collection services for bulk items at no cost.

Request a Lid for Your Recycle Bin

The city offers detachable lids for the 18-gallon bins. You can request one by emailing or calling the city’s Public Works at 301.258.6370.

Do Your Dog Duty

Cleaning up after dogs is the legal responsibility of every canine owner walking a dog in the community. Dogs are not permitted off-leash on common property in the City of Gaithersburg.

Get 20 Percent Off at PGC

You can save an additional 20 percent at Potomac Garden Center (PGC) just for being a Quince Orchard Park resident. Present your driver’s license and enjoy a discount on regularly priced items at PGC’s 12024 Darnestown Road, North Potomac and 8710 Fingerboard Road, Urbana locations.

This PGC Community Discount program excludes gift cards, labor, delivery charges, taxes, sale items, chemicals and fertilizers. This discount can’t be combined with other offers. Valid only for residents within communities where PGC provides landscape maintenance services.

Please Recommend Contractors

Were you pleased with work done on your home? If so, please recommend your contractor to your neighbors. Just go to the website, and click on the ACC information tab. You’ll see the sub-tab “Contractor Recommendations” that links to a recommendation form.

QOP Management Contact Information

Quince Orchard Park Community Manager Ruchita Patel
Co-Community Manager Rich Skobel
c/o The Management Group Associates, Inc.
20440 Century Boulevard, Suite 100
Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: 301.948.6666

Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors? The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9 and Board positions are available.