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Due to lack of a quorum, the QOP Board of Directors Annual Meeting, originally planned for April 9, has been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 14, 7 p.m. in the QOP Clubhouse. In order to hold the May 14 Annual Meeting, the Board needs 26 community members to attend or submit proxy votes.

One Board position is open. If you’re interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please submit a Candidate Statement via the Quince Orchard Park website,, and plan to attend the May 14 meeting.

Photo | Brent Pernak, Cruising Altitude Photography LLC The wooded site shown adjacent to Discovery Meadows Child Care Center on Orchard Ridge Drive will soon be home to a city park with three walking trails, two playgrounds and a butterfly garden.

Photo | Brent Pernak, Cruising Altitude Photography LLC
The wooded site shown adjacent to Discovery Meadows Child Care Center on Orchard Ridge Drive will soon be home to a city park with three walking trails, two playgrounds and a butterfly garden.

Fall Construction Start for Discovery Park

Bid proposals for the construction of Discovery Park, a new city park located at 601 Orchard Ridge Dr., closed on May 9 and city staff will make a recommendation to the Mayor & City Council at its June 17 meeting. Following bid award, the general contractor will set their own schedule for construction. Melanie Brown, city project manager, said that, weather permitting, the city anticipates “a tentative start date in fall 2019 and completion in summer of 2020.”

Hooligans Damage Property in Quince Orchard Park

For weeks now, a group of boys in their early teens have been creating nuisances and damaging property in the community. The Quince Orchard Park Clubhouse has been a particular target. The hooligans pull hard on locked clubhouse doors, and they have broken the main entrance door twice in the last two weeks. They have inserted sticks in the gap between the hinges
to prevent the door from closing. They have also inserted cardboard in the latch, so the door closes but does not lock.

They pull the fire alarm in the fitness room when residents are there. The fitness room fire alarm was pulled on April 9, around 7 p.m. and just as the QOP Board meeting began in the clubhouse social hall.

The teens have also hopped the pool fence to throw furniture into the pool.

If you see this group damaging property or otherwise creating a nuisance in Quince Orchard Park, please discourage them from behaving this way, let the management company know and/or call the police. The Board is increasing security in and around the clubhouse, and these teens will be held financially responsible for any damage.

The Board would like to resolve this as a community and hopes that parents will speak to their teens. If you see this group
behaving badly—and especially if you can identify any of the teens—please contact Community Manager Ruchita Patel at

Walking Paths Are for Walking

Residents are using motorized go-carts on QOP walking paths and streets. This is causing danger to the go-cart operators, pedestrians and drivers. The police are now patrolling the community and issuing tickets as needed. If you see these motorized go-carts in use, please call the Gaithersburg Police Department non-emergency number, 301.258.6400.

Pond 2 Awaiting Plantings, Fish

Sediment dredged from Pond 2, located behind Summer Walk Drive, is currently drying on pond slopes facing the stream.  When it is dry, the sediment will be spread around pond banks and seeded.

As soon as Pond 2 fills back up with water, pond plantings will be added. Pond 2 will also be restocked with fish.

Join the ACC

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is looking for volunteers. The ACC’s mission is to maintain the beauty of our community and homeowner property value, a job that has become more important as the community ages. If you’re interested in joining the ACC, please contact The Management Group Associates at

Drive Safely in QOP

Please slow down and pay special attention to pedestrians and children riding bicycles on neighborhood streets. Vehicles are treating interior neighborhood streets like the main QOP thoroughfare, Orchard Ridge Drive. As a result, pedestrians feel unsafe at crosswalks and parents are concerned about children riding bicycles near their homes.

Not Child’s Play

Kids who board the school bus at the QOP Clubhouse are doing what kids naturally do—playing while they wait. Unfortunately,
this has been impacting community property and may pose a safety risk. Please ask your children to refrain from playing in flowerbeds or climbing on rocks and trees. Playing ball or bringing bicycles into the clubhouse is not permitted.

Some children have been playing with fitness room equipment. Management is concerned that they may get hurt and  equipment may be damaged. Please ask your children to stay out of the fitness room.

And if your child’s bus stop is in front of a neighbor’s house, please be mindful of your neighbor’s private property. Children should not sit on the steps or leave trash behind. Please also remember to pick up after your dog.

Fitness Room Updates

While repairing the HVAC system in the fitness room, the repairman fell through the ceiling. He was not injured, but a tarp
covers the hole in the ceiling. This will be fixed soon.

Please note that due to springtime fluctuations in temperature, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the fitness room is
a bit challenging. The community manager receives alerts when the temperature goes below or above certain temperatures and adjusts the system.

An AED, or automated external defibrillator used to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest, has been purchased for the fitness room. This will better ensure the safety of residents using fitness room equipment.

Management Mentions

Dispose of Trash and Recycling

Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday and must be placed in lidded trash cans. If left for collection in bags only, trash is ripped open by animals and strewn throughout the community. Continued use of bags may result in fines.

Recycling is picked up on Fridays. Containers with lids are now available from the City of Gaithersburg. Please contact the city at 301.258.6370 to have a lidded bin delivered and the old one picked up. Please remember that trash cans and recycle bins must be stored out of sight on non-pickup days.

The City of Gaithersburg offers bulk trash pickup (furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc.) on the first recycling day of the month. The next bulk trash pickup is Friday, May 3. The City of Gaithersburg and Potomac Disposal (301.294.9700) both
offer collection services for bulk items at no cost.

Recycle Right

Did you know that pizza boxes; plastic bags, film or wrap; Styrofoam and polystyrene; and empty bottles of motor oil, antifreeze or pesticides are all not recyclable?

If you add these to your recycling pickup, the contents of your recycling bin will be left at the curb.

Also, please remember to rinse or clean all cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, and aluminum foil. Corrugated cardboard must be flattened. For a complete list of recyclables, visit

Request a Lid for Your Recycle Bin

The city offers detachable lids for the 18-gallon bins. You can request one by emailing or
calling the city’s Public Works at 301.258.6370.

Do Your Dog Duty

Cleaning up after dogs is the legal responsibility of every canine owner walking a dog in the community. Dogs are not permitted off-leash on common property in the City of Gaithersburg.

PGC Discount for QOP Residents

Did you know that you can save an additional 20 percent at Potomac Garden Center, 12024 Darnestown Road just for being a resident? Present your driver’s license and enjoy a discount on regularly priced items. This PGC Community Discount program excludes gift cards, labor, delivery charges, taxes, sale items, chemicals and fertilizers. This discount can’t be combined with other offers.

QOP Management Contact Information

Quince Orchard Park Community Manager, Ruchita Patel
Co-Manager, Rich Skobel
c/o The Management Group Associates, Inc.
20440 Century Boulevard, Suite 100
Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: 301.948.6666