Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Kentlands Community Foundation

Although we are sad to see Carrie Dietz go, the Kentlands Community Foundation made an excellent choice in hiring the Town Courier staffer as its next executive director. We believe Dietz will do a stellar job, although she has big shoes to fill after the departure of the beloved Bridget Ryder!

Verizon’s Restoration

Local residents continue to criticize Verizon officials for not taking proper care in returning local lawns and community property to the original state after FiOS construction. City officials tend to agree and have even made the company redo restoration in several communities.

Main Street Market

The Main Street Market is “thriving.” There are more vendors, a wider variety of merchandise and attendance is picking up. We love the vibrancy it lends the area. 

Election Turnout

The primary election was a real downer when it came to voter turnout in Montgomery County with fewer than 20 percent of registered voters casting a ballot. We hope to see more votes cast in the general election on November 2.