Carter Longcor Admits Responsibility for 2019 Urbana Shootout

Photo of Carter Longcor | Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

Photo of Carter Longcor | Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

Frederick County narcotics detectives recently conducted an investigation into a large-scale drug dealing operation that was being conducted out of a house in Mount Airy. On Jan. 7, a SWAT team descended on the house in the 12500 block of Lee Hill Drive in Mount Airy armed with a search warrant. A SWAT team and detectives entered the house and found five people present; however, the target of the investigation, Carter A. Longcor, escaped by climbing out of a basement window. While detectives searched the house, other officers searched the area and eventually found Longcor hiding in a house about five miles away.

Inside the house, police found a quantity of psychedelic mushrooms, prescription painkillers, and two larger bags of marijuana that were found in a toilet. Police surmised that Longcor had attempted to dispose of the marijuana, which weighed 102 grams.

Also found were a digital scale, plastic baggies, and a heat-sealing machine that led police to believe that a drug-packaging operation was going on at the residence. Along with the drugs, police found a .22 caliber rifle, another rifle with the stock sawed off and the serial number obliterated, and also a 9mm pistol. During questioning, Longcor admitted that he was responsible for firing gunshots on the streets of Urbana on Feb. 12, 2019; no one was reported to be wounded.

Longcor was charged as an adult with a variety of crimes including Possession of Drugs With the Intent to Distribute and Firearms offenses. The State’s Attorney’s Office indicated that additional charges may be placed relating to the 2019 Urbana shootout.

Longcor later appeared before Judge Eric Schaffer, who denied bond for Longcor and ordered him held in detention. Judge Schaffer did allow Longcor to be held in a juvenile holding facility for the time being.


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