A Principal Woman

Photo | Courtesy of Judy Ferrell

Pauline Runkles poses for a school portrait with her class at the four-room Urbana School. While this photo is undated, Skip Roderick of J & S Car Care on Thurston Road remembers Mrs. Runkles as his fourth grade teacher (she taught a combined fourth and fifth grade class) and principal in 1953.

Following two decades of unprecedented growth, Urbana today is fortunate to have five dedicated principals working to educate our children. With a third elementary school, Sugarloaf Elementary, expected to open in August 2017, these principals will soon number six. But…

Shop Talk

Personalized Décor in Urbana Tonya Martin and Lauren Hoch met four years ago as neighbors in the Villages of Urbana, and they have been fast friends ever since. Originally from Glenelg, Martin has lived in Urbana with her family —…

False Alarms

There is a white plastic frame mounted on the wall that holds a black touch screen. The screen flashes with three electric, vacillating lines — one green, one white and the top one is blue: vital signs. These lines have…

Memories at Monocacy Crossing

Photo | Rich and Kelly Regan

Nearby Monocacy Crossing Restaurant shares their recipe for their specialty side dish -- warm potato salad.

Chef Rich Regan and the Monocacy Crossing Restaurant are near and dear not just to my culinary palate but to my work with the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank. I first came to know Regan on the day before Thanksgiving.…

Experiencing the History of the Americas

Photo | Submitted

Urbana High School students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Americas and European History classes enjoy an afternoon at the American Indian Museum.

By Sirad Hassan On Oct. 9, first-year students of Urbana High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program spent a morning exploring the National Museum of the American Indian. The Washington, D.C., museum presents many artifacts and historical figures in an interactive…