Chefs’ Secrets: May’s Restaurant

Photo | Jo Ostby Try this May’s Restaurant appetizer, Oyster Blues, at the restaurant—or make it yourself!

Photo | Jo Ostby
Try this May’s Restaurant appetizer, Oyster Blues, at the restaurant—or make it yourself!

My family loves today’s featured recipe. They love it so much that we’ve taken it as a carry-out and it has appeared as an appetizer here at the house on Mother’s Day and other family get-togethers. This delicacy elicits moans of satisfaction from my gang. Some even do the happy hum while eating May’s featured appetizer, Oyster Blues.

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to love May’s Restaurant, a Frederick County staple located near Lowe’s and the FSK Mall on Route 355, we discovered this treat on a whim one day while dining in. I rarely venture far from my favorite sweet potato fries and burger with a heaping serving of grilled sweet onion and Dougie sauce on the side for dipping. The family loves May’s vegetable crab soup and the seafood feast served on a bushel basket lid.

Content with what we already had grown to love, we tended to order the same things each visit until that day. And as they say, it hasn’t been the same since. Everyone who eats here always hopes the Oyster Blues will now be a part of our pre-meal selections. But don’t take my word for it. You and your family can go and try them—or give it a shot and make them for yourselves. The recipe for Oyster Blues is pretty straightforward and sounds simple enough—but this appetizer tastes much more complex.

May’s Restaurant Oyster Blues Recipe

  • Oysters on the half shell
  • Ample dollop of Ken’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon

Assemble oysters with dressing on top and finish with bacon.
Put under the broiler until the top browns slightly.
Enjoy! These will not disappoint. The toppings leave everyone wanting more.

I am so proud that May’s has a hand in a greater cause by partnering with the Annapolis-based Oyster Recovery Partnership, the nation’s largest shell recycling network. Members come biweekly and collect the oyster shells from bins out front and take them to the Chesapeake to aid in new oyster growth and survival.

Beyond Bivalves

May’s is probably best known at this time of year for its tiered, all-you-can-eat crab feasts. But May’s is not just about crabs.

They have a full menu featuring chicken, seafood, burgers and steaks. They also have a children’s menu. The restaurant is much brighter after its winter makeover with the addition of windows in the back. Watch for their digital outdoor sign appearing soon.

For those who don’t have time to stop in, Door Dash picks up from May’s and will bring menu items right to your front door.

This establishment started as a grocery and gas station long ago. The back patio has become a favorite of many regulars and newcomers alike. Employees at May’s include several who have worked there for many years.

May’s Restaurant is located at 5640 Urbana Pike, Frederick. Visit for more information.

Editor’s Note: Jo Ostby writes about food from her home near Urbana. In her spare time, she
is the operation manager of the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank. This leaves people  wondering if she does anything that’s not food related. She can now add three-time breast cancer survivor to her bio.


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