Everybody Can Dance Now

Urbana Dance held its grand opening celebration at its new location in Urbana Village Center. The facility offers approximately 500 more square feet than the former location in VOU.

Urbana Dance is finally settled into its new home in Urbana Village Center following its move from the Market District in Villages of Urbana.

The studio, which offers classes to dancers beginning at age 2 1/2 through adulthood, held its grand opening celebration as attendees viewed all of the added space, met new faculty members, and signed up for additional classes.

“We are receiving such an amazing response from our parents,” said Artistic Director Sonja Davis. “We are so excited about our new space and the great opportunities as it relates to dance in our community.”

Many love the added space, the convenient parking, a larger dressing room, the new observation window, and the ability of walking to a restaurant for a speedy dinner. There is also a kitchenette for parents and dancers who want to stay and enjoy complimentary refreshments such as coffee and hot cocoa, and a television in the lobby with comfortable seating.

“We felt it was time to expand our business to create more opportunities for our clientele,” said Davis.

The staff is currently at 12 faculty members and many visiting consultants. Choreographers from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City have visited to provide guidance to dancers.

There is now a new curriculum for dance programs and a redefined ballet program.

“We hired some top notch professionals to teach this genre for Urbana Dance, because having a strong ballet base is important,” Davis said.

And there are more additions in the works for the coming year. Urbana Dance plans to expand its studio into the 1500 square feet of additional space next door to be used as a gym room and another large dance studio, which would give teachers there a total of four to five classrooms and a gym for instruction.

“That is our ultimate business goal and growth plan,” said Davis.

For more information, call Urbana Dance at: 301.874.4367.


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