FCA Banquet Packs the House

To kick off the Frederick FCA banquet, Tyler Makosy, a sophomore wrestler for Urbana High School, recites the “Competitors’ Creed.”

A packed house filled Frederick’s Francis Scott Key Holiday Inn Friday night, March 22 for the first-ever Frederick banquet hosted by The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

“The turnout of almost 500 people was overwhelming. We are so blessed to have so many committed volunteers and supporters,” said Chris Rich, FCA’s Frederick County area director.

The event kicked off with six local athletes reciting the “Competitors’ Creed,” six paragraphs for Christian athletes who want their love for sports to become evidence of their love for Christ.

“I got chills watching these confident young people share their faith,” said local resident Bob Plante.

As part of the program, J.D. Baker, an Urbana High School (UHS) lacrosse and football player, shared a testimony.

Chris Rich updated the capacity crowd on the impact and growth of FCA in Frederick County.

“We are in every school in Frederick County changing the lives of our student athletes,” Rich said.

The evening also recognized the FCA Athlete of the Year from each school.

“These athletes are the future leaders of our nation,” Rich said.

For UHS, the award winner was Grace Stephens, a volleyball player for the Hawks. Coach of the Year was Middletown High School Football Coach Kevin Lynott. Jason Levinson was awarded the “Volunteer of the Year” award for his service to all facets of the FCA ministry.

As the event concluded, there were lots of hugs and handshakes between many coaches and fans from rival schools.

“It just shows, regardless of how important sports have become in our society, our faith can be the common denominator in our communities,” Rich said. “That’s the goal, to reach every student athlete, coach and parent in Frederick.”


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