Former Mayor Wants to Be Next District 3 State Senator

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Former Frederick Mayor Ron Young wants to replace Senator Alex Mooney of Urbana as the next State Senator of District 3.

Former Frederick Mayor Ron Young has announced that he is running to become the next state senator in District 3.

Young, who chided Senator Alex Mooney for his lack of success during his 12 years in the position, says he is throwing his hat into the ring simply because he is the right candidate to improve upon the incumbent senator’s ineffectiveness.

“He is not doing well in Annapolis,” Young said.

While Mooney is running unopposed in his September primary, Young will face Don DeArmon.

“I guess I look at the primary as offering two very positive choices for Democratic voters. Ron was an outstanding mayor of Frederick,” DeArmon told The Town Courier.

Young is confident that his experience will help him defeat DeArmon in the primary. “I better not take anything for granted, but I’m in a much better position,” he said about his well-known name in the community.

After defeating Democrats Ronald S. Bird in 1998, Sue Hecht in 2002, and Candy Greenway in 2006, Mooney says he is ready for another tough race in November — no matter who the Democratic nominee will be.

“My general elections have always been hotly contested, and I expect this one will be as well. It is an honor to be given the opportunity to represent the good people of Urbana and Frederick County,” Mooney said.

Both Young and DeArmon have cited a newspaper article that gauged the influence of state lawmakers. In the report, Mooney was voted “Least Influential” in the State Senate.

“He can’t work with other legislators to bring projects back to Frederick,” said Young. “I have the experience and the knowledge. I know local government and state government inside and out.”

Young was born and raised in Frederick and graduated from Frederick High School. He served on the Board of Aldermen from 1970–1974 and served as mayor of Frederick from 1974–1989.

He said he is currently working on his Web site, which will contain a survey that he is asking residents to complete so he can review what is on the minds of voters. “I’m not as familiar with Urbana, but I do want to hear from [residents], and I will make a real effort to get to know them,” he said.

When asked about his greatest accomplishments during his long reign as mayor, Young acknowledged his part in creating festivals that celebrate the city, along with the materialization of Carroll Creek.

Personally, he said his greatest achievements are his four sons, who all returned to Frederick after graduating from college and who he says are working to make their city a better place to work and live. Son Blaine is currently a county commissioner.


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