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Photo | Izzy Lowery Urbana Skate Park

Photo | Izzy Lowery
Urbana Skate Park

After work on Urbana’s very own pump track began mid-August of this year, the community has been waiting with bated breath on its completion.

The Urbana Skate Park recently announced that after weeks of hard work and heavy-lifting, its long-awaited finish has arrived.

Last summer, the Rotary Club of Southern Frederick County hired Matt Arment to design and construct a pump track in Urbana Community Park.

The track was built as an addition to the previously existing skate ramp, which was implemented into the park in summer 2017. Arment is a long-time skater who has worked on several other skate parks on the East Coast.

The skate community has been pushing for a park in Urbana over the last few years, and they’ve succeeded in making themselves heard through community projects, rallies and fundraisers. Urbana resident Joe Wallace was the first person to take steps toward establishing a park. With the help of the skate community, he was able to raise $14,000 that was used to buy the half-pipe.

In order to obtain enough money to initiate “Phase 2” of the park (the construction of the track), the Urbana Skate Park hosted an event on July 21 called the “6-Foot Rumble,” where skaters could compete in tic tac races and ollie contests to raise funds.

Experienced skateboarders are not the only ones who can enjoy the park. Community resident Lauren Yetter has been coming with her two children since the track was built. “We love it,” she said. “The boys are young, but they really like to come.”

While the half-pipe allows skaters and bikers to practice their trades, it doesn’t leave much room for everyone else. The addition of the pump track makes it so that anyone with wheels can participate. The park offers fun for the whole family, and Yetter, along with many other residents, feel as though it’s a fantastic addition to the community.

-Izzy Lowery


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