Hogan Had No Coattails in Frederick County or Across State

While Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan defied odds to win reelection in a state where Democratic voter registration is twice that of Republican voter registration, it turned out he had no coattails in Frederick County or across the state to help Republican candidates win down ballot.

Hogan (72,560–67.7 percent) won Frederick County effortlessly over Democratic challenger Ben Jealous (33,355–31.1 percent). Hogan (55.3 percent) won statewide over Jealous (43.5 percent).

However, Democrats easily won the state comptroller contest, state attorney general (AG) race, U.S. senate race and seven of the eight congressional districts across the state.

Popular Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) won Frederick County (61,520–59.2 percent) over Republican candidate Anjali Reed Phukan (42,308–40.7 percent) and won statewide with 72.1 percent of the vote. Incumbent AG Brian Frosh won Frederick County (54,045–51.1 percent) over Republican Craig Wolf (51,563–48.8 percent) and received 64.8 percent across the state. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (55,256–51.7 percent) won Frederick County against Republican candidate Tony Campbell (47,038–44 percent) and statewide won 64.8 percent of the vote.

Portions of Frederick County are represented by the 6th and 8th congressional districts. Democratic candidate David Trone won the District 6 congressional race, winning the Frederick county vote 60.2 percent to 36 percent for Republican Amie Hoeber. Overall, Trone won 59 percent of the vote and Hoeber 38 percent. Trone, who also successfully battled cancer during this election, spent around $15 million of personal funds while winning the seat vacated by Democrat John Delaney, who is running for president.

In the District 8 congressional contest, incumbent Democrat Jamie Raskin (22,870–41.5 percent) lost Frederick County to Republican candidate John Walsh (31,043–56.4 percent) but won the district that includes portions of Montgomery County, with 68.2 percent of the vote.

Frederick County Democrats also won down ballot, capturing the county executive race, a majority of the County Council and picking up a state delegate seat. In spite of Republican county executive candidate Kathy Afzali and other Republican candidates campaigning with “Team Hogan” slogans, Democratic incumbent County Executive Jan Gardner won and Democrats picked up a seat to win the majority of the County Council.

The state of Maryland elects 47 state senators and 141 state delegates. In Frederick County, voters cast ballots for two state senators and six state delegates. In District 4, a heavy Republican voter registration district, Republican candidates won the state senate race and all three delegate seats with incumbent state senator Michael Hough (31,596–58.5 percent) beating Democrat Jessica Douglass (22,346–41.4 percent). Republican incumbent Barrie Ciliberti, Dan Cox and Jesse Pippy won the three delegate positions.

In District 3, where voter registration favors Democrats, in the state senate race, two-term incumbent Democrat Ron Young (30,391–58.5 percent) easily beat Republican Craig Giangrande (21,471–41.3 percent). Young said, “I’m very thankful and appreciative of my victory. We had the best organized and hardest working campaign I have ever run. I hope it can be used by other Democrats in the future. In addition there was a blue wave brought on by the president’s divisiveness and untruths.” Democratic incumbents District 3-A state delegates Karen Young and Carol Krimm cruised to victory.

In District 3-B, Democrats picked up a seat with Democrat Ken Kerr (10,091–52.4 percent) beating Republican incumbent William “Bill” Holden (9,168–47.6 percent). Incumbent Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (54,677–51.9 percent) won his fourth term in a contest with Democratic challenger Karl Bickel (50,540–48 percent) who came close in his second try for sheriff. When asked if he intended to run again, Bickel said, “I intend to remain active in trying to address issues of importance. Many have been encouraging me to run again in four years and I am saving my signs just in case.”

In the Board of Education race, the four winners were incumbent Board President Brad Young (50,179) who received the most votes, newcomer Karen Yoho (39,242), incumbent Liz Barrett (38,146) and newcomer Jay Mason (37,971). Three winning candidates (Young, Yoho and Mason) were endorsed by The Frederick County Teachers Association in their “Apple” ballot. Incumbent Vice President April Fleming Miller (35,938) fell short and did not win re-election.

Republican State’s Attorney Charles Smith ran unopposed and won re-election.


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