Library Seeks Reading Heroes for Summer Program

By Robyn Monaco

Holy Summer Reading, Batman! Yes, the weather has just started to show signs of spring but your local librarians are already busy plotting a super summer for the entire family to enjoy. Summer Reading 2015 officially kicks off May 1 with brand new programs for all ages – even adults.

This year, we begin a new chapter with our Summer of Wonder series and a new theme each year. The Summer of Wonder will inspire Frederick County citizens to read and learn all summer long through exciting and engaging programming and events at the library and throughout the community. The theme for 2015 is “Every Hero Has a Story” and aims to inspire citizens to discover and share those stories.

We’ll be using a new online program that allows participants to track their reading toward building a virtual superhero. There will also be opportunities to earn additional points by attending library programs or community activities that will allow participants to upgrade their superhero to the next level. Do you want your superhero to have the ability to fly? Or be invisible? Read more to upgrade your superpowers.

Superheroes are fun and exciting, but there are many other types of heroes with their own stories to tell. The Urbana Regional Library wants to celebrate everyday heroes from our community — like firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers, veterinarians, veterans and more — through a special story time series called Be a Reading Hero. This series allows children to meet these essential heroes, raises awareness about these careers and expresses appreciation to those who contribute in important ways to our communities.

Hero readers will be matched with picture books that bring their profession to life for our youngest listeners during the months of June, July and August. Urbana Regional Library’s role as a community center makes it the perfect location for hometown heroes to meet and build relationships with the people they serve. If you or someone you know would like to be a library Hero Reader, please contact children’s librarian Robyn Monaco at

Stay tuned for more details to come about this year’s Super Summer Reading program!

Before that program launches, this month we are in search of young artists. Kids and teens, it’s time to put your artistic talents on display. Our annual art contest for Summer Reading begins March 1 with all entries due by March 31. Winning designs will be featured on free bookmarks when Summer Reading launches May 1.

This year’s theme for children and teens is “Every Hero Has a Story.” Please create your design in color. For contest details and entry forms, visit or your local FCPL branch.

Editor’s Note: Robyn Monaco is a Children’s Librarian at the Urbana Regional Library. She’s also a Villages of Urbana resident.


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