New Pool is a Hit With VOU Residents

Left to right, Joyce Seamens, Trish Heflin, Kayelynn Heflin, Chayanna Hefner and Charlie Bratburd enjoy a summer’s day in the Urbana pool’s lazy river.

Residents of the Villages of Urbana are putting their new pool on Shafer’s Mill Drive to good use. The parking lot and bicycle racks are full every day, and Saturdays and Sundays are crowded.

“The new pool is creating quite the buzz on Facebook,” said Terri Becker, mother of two young boys. “My friends are even posting pictures.”

Becker refers to the pool as Club Urbana and raves about its features, noting how even the baby pool has special amenities such as a fountain and small slide. “There is a lifeguard on duty, which I have never seen before at a baby pool,” she said.

According to Becker, she and her neighbors are impressed with the choices of activities available at the pool. She said she and her children can spend most of the day there and never get bored. Her second grader loves the main pool with its slides, lazy river and splash park.

“I feel comfortable with him in the main pool by himself as there are so many lifeguards on duty,” she said.

According to Urbana lifeguard Dumitru Mihael, there are 13 guards on duty from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 11 on duty from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. All guards have backup while on duty.

Becker praised the concession area. “The snack bar is great. There are plenty of healthy choices, as well as the good stuff you expect to find at a pool,” she said. She also noted that residents are allowed to bring in their own food.

Trish Heflin, a seven-year resident of the VOU, is also making good use of her 10 free guest passes. On one beautiful cloudless weekday she spent the day at the pool with her children and several members of her extended family.

Heflin said she went to the pool the weekend it opened. “It was so crowded and there was so much going on, it was overwhelming,” she said. “But I have been back many times since. It is heaven for my 6-year-old.”

During an adult swim period the Heflin family spent the time playing games and snacking on homemade treats waiting for the guards to blow the whistle saying the kids could go back in. Kayelynn, Heflin’s 10-year-old daughter, said she loves the big slide — the one with the curve that is one of the main attractions of the pool.

Heflin’s mother, Joyce Seamens, from Takoma Park, was impressed with the giant umbrellas and said, “I feel like I am at a resort. It is easy to spend five hours here.”

“There is so much to do here — you just can’t get bored,” said Kelly Reed Bartburds. Charlie, Bratburd’s 6-year-old son, is fascinated with the colorful cone-shaped buckets that fill with water then slowly empty onto the heads of the eager children below.

According to Heflin, the pool is especially busy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., when the crowd thins a little. She and her family plan to spend as much time at the pool as possible this summer.

According to VOU officials, resident may purchase additional guest passes.

Upcoming pool events include an adult swim on Aug. 20 that will be catered and feature a disc jockey, and an end-of-the-season party on Labor Day. Check back for details.


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