Reaching Your Optimal Fitness Goals — The 368 Way

Unique workout sessions are being offered at 368 Athletics in Frederick.

When you think of a physical fitness workout, does flipping tires, pushing wheelbarrows, pulling sleds, kettle bells, sand bags, heavy ropes and TRX suspension straps come to mind?

Not only have they come to mind for Shannon Wallace Jr., owner of 368 Athletics and 368 Boot Camp, but he has also implemented these fitness tools along with many other physical strengthening techniques into an integrated approach to help people reach their optimal fitness goals.

Wallace offers a wide range of training sessions at 368 for everyone from the general population to professional athletes, focusing on training the body to depend on itself with full range of motion movements and strength building scenarios.

What is the meaning behind the 368? Wallace explains it like this, 360 degrees represents a full circle and is optimal, and the “8” is the number of focus areas in fitness and conditioning in order to achieve optimal success: strength, power, flexibility, reflexes, SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness), balance, mental preparation and recovery.

A lot of emphasis is on recovery and the importance of incorporating healthy habits between training sessions such as diet, sleep, stretching and even getting a massage.

“It’s about activating the right muscles at the right time and strengthening the core muscles that include abdominal, back and pelvic,” Wallace said. “People were not meant to be sedentary. When these core muscles are strongest, you are able to reach your optimal performance levels whether its out on the professional playing field, working in the yard, or simply getting in and out of a car.”

Wallace is originally from Newport News, Va. He played Division II college football and was involved in martial arts. His professional career began in the sales and finance area with Fortune 500 companies, and after several years, his passion for fitness and athleticism brought him back to begin his own business, 368 Athletics. He is a certified personal trainer and a certified kettle bell instructor.

The staff at 368 are certified personal trainers. However, Wallace said, “We are not just trainers; we are coaches and we train all of our clients as athletes — everyone has an inner athlete.”

Wallace says interval training, which alternates a high-intensity workout with periods of low-intensity activity or rest, is especially effective in improving cardiovascular fitness and the body’s potential to burn fat.

“It provides a great workout for your heart, dramatic weight loss results, and a leaner shape in less time than many other programs,” he said.

Current clients/athletes at 368 range in age from children to senior citizens and come from all backgrounds of life.

Carrie Mehl and Vera Messina, who call themselves “women of a certain age,” can attest to the difference it has made in their lives.

Messina said, “When you get treated like an athlete, you train like an athlete.”

Mehl began training at 368 about a year ago while dealing with a medical condition. She started one-on-one with personal coach Tara Garst. “This training has been life changing, and without it I wouldn’t be here today,” said Mehl.

Six months later, Mehl matched up with partner Ian Andrews, and they now work as a team, attributing their success to the high level of professional training by excellent coaches in an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting.

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