Sheriff’s Office Introduces New App

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) recently introduced their own application meant to be downloaded onto smart phones. A new website was also launched. This can be found at

The application has 12 options, including crime statistics, locations of crimes, and a handy way to store the descriptions and serial numbers of property. A valuable “Tip” button enables you to submit confidential information about crime and suspects. The app also connects you to school resource officers assigned throughout the county.

The Sex Offenders Registry is on the app. By typing in your address, you can learn where sex offenders live in your neighborhood.

Going on vacation this summer? FCSO has you covered. Use the application to notify the sheriff’s office when you are leaving and provide contact numbers, responsible neighbors and date of return. Of course, the deputies cannot possibly check every house several times a day, but an effort will be made to increase patrol around your house. That does not absolve the homeowner from the usual safety steps. If going away, make sure that there is a car parked in your driveway, put lights on timers, stop mail and newspaper deliveries, and leave a radio playing inside the house.

There are also sections that include the answers to most questions that citizens have, information about the county jail,
and a list of important contacts.

You can even send a compliment about the actions of a deputy or other employee through the FCSO app. Years ago, a citizen would have to sit down and write a letter to the sheriff in order to compliment a deputy. Now it takes 15 seconds.

The mobile app is free and can be found on Google Play and the Apple Store. Search “Frederick County Sheriff.”


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