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Peer Squared Tutoring

Kristin Whyte, a certified interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing, and her husband, Craig, an AP calculus teacher in Montgomery County, came up with a solution to a long-term need they saw for tutors: Peer Squared Tutoring.

They launched the program in Urbana in July after a year of discussions about the need for more local tutors. Whyte said that during a conversation with a high-school student last year, she had an idea.

“I was talking to a [high school] kid about their interest in wanting to work with kids, and it sparked this idea. There are some really great kids out there that want to teach kids,” she said. “Kids really work well with kids, and often, if not more so, they will learn better from other kids than they do from adults.”

The duo created Peer Squared Tutoring from this idea, a company where high-achieving, well-rounded high-school students tutor children in all subjects from kindergarten to grade 12.

The couple has already employed four top-notch high-school students who not only have high GPA’s but are also involved in school activities or community activities. Many of the applicants showed a prior passion for teaching younger kids through classes they’ve taken or time they’ve spent as a camp counselor.

“I have been very surprised at how many kids have found out about us and wanted to work for us,” Whyte said. “It is exciting that we can hire kids.”

Peer Squared covers tutoring in all subjects, as well as organizational tutoring.

“A lot of kids have a lot of trouble staying organized in school,” she said, adding that the tutoring teaches them how to stay organized through the year with classes and more.

In addition, Peer Squared works to pair a student with a tutor who will best fit their personality. Whyte said she will pair a tutor strong in math with a student looking for math help — and if possible, she will pick the tutor who has a common interest. For example, she has a tutor who is very involved in band and a student who also has an interest there. She paired them together so “there is an ice breaker and something they can talk about,” she said.

Whyte currently serves as administrator for the company, helping each student client find the best location and time to meet with his/her tutor. The tutor can come to a student’s home or meet them at the library or any other convenient location.

To receive tutoring services with Peer Squared or to apply for a job, visit or contact Kristin at 240.446.5790 or at

C12 Expands to Urbana

Ken Gosnell has lived in Urbana for about five years with his family. In July, he launched a local headquarters for C12, the leading national provider of Christian roundtables for CEOs and business owners.

“We chose Urbana primarily because it was a great location both for our local business and our family,” said Gosnel, chair for the Urbana C12. “It has a good community feel and the people in Urbana are warm and welcoming.”

C12 was created in 1992 by Christian author and CEO Buck Jacobs and has grown into a network of more than 100 groups in 60 metro areas across the nation. Gosnell said there are about 1,000 members nationally, but the closest C12 group to Frederick County is the group in Philadelphia.

“I knew about C12 for many many years as a business owner,” Gosnell said, adding that he was formerly president and CEO of Kensault Consulting. “I was inspired because of other people I knew and my own personal experience of needing wise counsel and how difficult it was to run a business, I decided to launch one in this particular area.”

The C12 groups are comprised of Christian business owners and Christian CEOs looking to grow professionally, Gosnell said. The group provides roundtable discussions of issues surrounding business, provides counsel to business owners and more. He adds that because of the economic challenges in the past years, he had seen a need in Urbana and the Washington, D.C. area for this type of support.

“It is open to Christian business owners in Urbana, Frederick and the D.C. Metro area,” Gosnell says.

The first event will be held in October, he added. To keep up with information or join the Central Maryland and Washington, D.C., Metro area C12 Group, contact Gosnell at or go to

Business Symposium in Frederick

On Sept. 9, the Mid-Atlantic Round Table Business Symposium will be held in downtown Frederick.

The event offers opportunities for business owners to rub shoulders with top professional presenters, share stories and get fresh business ideas from presenters and exhibitors. The topics to be discussed include business insurance; how to effectively use social media; tax plans; five ways to grow business profits; how to save money on insurance; how to be prepared for the possibility of an audit and more. The seven expert speakers include David Merritt, a certified business coach with ActionCOACH, voted the World’s No. 1 Business Coaching Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine.

Each of the seven presenters will give a 40-minute lecture, followed by a question-and-answer session. Also, each attendee will have a chance to meet one-on-one with a presenter. The symposium runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., includes breakfast and lunch, and is held at Danielle’s Restaurant (6 N. East St., Frederick).

Registration is online at until Sept. 2. For more information requests, call Bill Butts at 301.639.4444.

New Physician at Frederick Foot and Ankle Specialists

Frederick Foot and Ankle Specialists welcomed a new staff member in July: Dr. Nikki Ho.

“With four years of experience as a foot and ankle surgeon and a passion to help those around me, I look forward to providing top quality care for the patients in and around the

Frederick and Urbana areas,” said Ho in a press release.

Frederick Foot and Ankle Specialists have a location in Urbana (3430 Worthington Boulevard) as well as in Frederick (75 Thomas Johnson Drive).

Ho, a board-qualified foot and ankle surgeon and an associate member of the

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments of conditions of the foot and ankle. Her specialties include caring for diabetic foot care and ulcers, dealing with heel pain, as well as sports medicine cases, as well as trauma and reconstructive surgery.

A native Marylander, Ho graduated from Quince Orchard High School where she played girls’ and coed varsity volleyball. A huge Maryland Terrapins fan, Ho studied at both the University of Maryland at College Park and Temple University. She’s fluent in both English and Vietnamese.

For more information on Frederick Foot and Ankle Specialists, visit or call 301.668.9707.


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