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A Vet That’s Like a Spa

At the end of September, the Village Vet of Urbana opened its doors in the Urbana Village Center. But this isn’t the normal vet experience. Clients are greeted with sage-colored walls, a framed painting, and a color sketch of a dog hung over the hospitality center, where clients can enjoy a free cup of coffee and a piece of fresh fruit, and pets are welcome to a treat and a drink from a bowl of water.

“We are trying to bring a spa-like atmosphere so people and animals feel comfortable,” said Dr. Nancy Lou Little, who owns Village Vet.

Little has been practicing veterinarian medicine in Frederick and Montogmery counties for 21 years. On Wednesdays, she still practices at the Frederick County Animal Shelter, where she has done 3,000 surgeries during the past eight years.

Little is very proud of the waterfall that hangs on the wall in the lobby. It’s job is twofold — it sets the tone for the practice and cleanses the air. That’s right, it’s a custom water fountain made by Adagio and The Soothing Company that Little asked to be modified to include a UV filter light in the bottom to filter germs out of the water as it passes through the light. This means, she explained, that the germs from the air are pulled in and filtered out, as well.

When a pet first comes into the clinic, they receive a towel that’s sprayed with pheromones — either a dog or cat pheromones, according to the pet — to keep them calm.

“Every animal gets a towel that follows them for their visit,” Little said with a broad smile. “It’s part of their spa experience.”

The vet clinic hosts three examination rooms and two have electric lifts, an X-ray room, a surgical suite with a full-monitor system, and a stocked pharmacy that opens up into the dental procedure and surgery-prep area. Village Vet also offers full lab services, and has an isolation room for sick animals

“Any contagious dogs or cats will not contaminate other dogs and cats here,” Little said.

The practice also has a machine that conducts cold laser therapy. When a probe is placed on the affected area, Little said, the very-near infrared-light spectrum beams on the tissue, increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation. The therapy relieves pain for conditions such as degenerative arthritis and back pain, and allows animals to reduce their medication dosages.

“We have had dogs that could not go up and down stairs, go up and down stairs without medicine,” she said.

Village Vet offers day care, where clients can drop off their pet between 7 and 9 a.m. and do a pick up as late as 8 p.m. This service is offered complimentary when any veterinary procedure or consultation is being done.

For more information, go to, call 301.874.5222 or visit 3315 Worthington Boulevard.

Maryland’s First Installed Solar EV Charging Station

TimberRock Energy Solutions, Inc. recently announced it had installed Maryland’s first Solar EV Charging Station. The charging station, which can charge four cars at a time at level one or level two charge, was put in at White Marsh, Md., at General Motor’s Allison Transmission plant.

“It is something that as a local Marylander I put a lot of pride in,” said Brent Hollenbeck, TimberRock’s CEO. “They have already commissioned a second which will include many smart-grid features which we believe will be the first of its kind.”

This second commission will be located at same General Motor’s White Marsh campus but will be specifically dedicated to charging Chevy’s electric sedan, the Volt, Hollenbeck said. A new facility is being built on the campus where electric motors will be manufactured for the Volt, so General Motor’s wants to pair that with one of the first charging stations for the Volt, said Hollenbeck.

The charging station, which runs on 10 kilowatts of energy, partly generated by the solar canopy, is very straightforward to use, he explained.

“You pull in under the solar canopy in one of those parking spots, pop the cap on your charging port and you will plug in,” Hollenbeck said. “The car and the charging station sync up. There is really nothing complex or sophisticated that the user needs to know.”

No payment process is necessary; General Motor’s is offering charging free to their employees or any passersby who need a charge for their Chevy Volt, Hollenbeck said. Charging takes from about four to 10 hours, dependent on the vehicle and charging level chosen.

TimberRock, headquartered in the metro D.C. area, has received EV charging commissions before this project, but this was the company’s first commission with General Motors. General Motors contacted them in late spring, Hollenbeck said, and the entire process took about six months from there.

To fulfill its commission, TimberRock partnered with Standard Solar, Inc. a national leader in the design of solar energy systems.

“What we do is focus on the design and manufacturing of these systems,” Hollenbeck said. “Standard Solar is the licensed contractor for the physical, installation and wiring construction.”

In addition to the company’s work for General Motors, TimberRock is installing several systems across the D.C. metro area, as well as a large system its currently working on at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.


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