Show & Tell: Julie Yankaskas

Urbana High School senior Julie Yankaskas took this photograph, dubbed “Ghost in the Machine,” earlier this year.

Julie Yankaskas is a lover of photography and finds herself drawn to shooting in a realm she said is sadly dying out — film.

“I love how [in film] the focus is on you deciding what the photo looks like, rather than what you can do with it on the computer,” 17-year-old Yankaskas said.

Yankaskas took the photo pictured here, “Ghost in the Machine,” at a live concert for an independent, school-assigned project.

“I love art and music. I love using negatives to express myself instead of just words,” said Yankaskas, a senior at Urbana High School (UHS). “When I go out, I find myself looking at things and thinking of how I would use it in a photograph.”

This fall, Yankaskas is enrolled in a year-long Advanced Placement studio art class for photography. Part of the inspiration for her work, Yankaskas said, has come from her mother, Brenda Yankaskas, who is the director of performing arts at Friends Meeting School.

“You could say I was brought up on [performing art],” Yankaskas said. “I play a couple instruments, but I didn’t get into photography until I took my first photography class my freshman year for my art credit. … I have been involved in photography ever since.”

“I don’t know if I will try to become a professional photographer,” Yankaskas said of her future plans. “But I will continue with photography in the future.”


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