Show & Tell: “Mazes, Mazes, Everywhere” By Nico Zavala

Nico Zavala’s original artwork with his poem, “Mazes, Mazes, Everywhere,” written inside the maze.

Nicholas “Nico” Zavala is 9 years old. Nico loves mazes and laughs as he talks about them.

“I just really like mazes and I love to solve things — puzzles, labyrinths,” he said. “Some of them are harder then others, and they are all unique in different way. I have been in the corn mazes, which I think are probably the best kind.”

A fourth grader at Centerville Elementary School, Nico said this project was a school writing assignment from earlier this year.

“I thought I was going to be really creative that time, and I decided to come up with that poem because I love mazes,” he said. “So I wrote my words in the form of the answer to the maze.”

Nico said writing is not his favorite subject, but this project combined his love of art with the writing work. Art is something Nico pursues in his spare time, using paints and other art equipment at an easel in his Urbana home.

“I love art because I think it is a fun, creative way of expressing myself,” he said. “It is something I realized I am kind of good at and enjoy it.”

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Nico responds: “I want to be a famous artist or a scientist. … I want to be like Albert Einstein or Vincent van Gogh.” — By Bethany E. Starin

Mazes, mazes, everywhere,

Mazes, twisting here and there,

Sometimes repeating,

Sometimes curving,

And man, how hard is all this swerving!

This maze is tough,

But I’m succeeding,

And very soon,

I will be needing,

To somehow find if I am near,

Oh! It looks like the end is here!


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