Taylor wants to Revive County

Roy Taylor is among the three Urbana area residents running for a seat on the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners.

His name, face and actions are synonymous with volunteerism across the community.

You may know Roy Taylor as the president of the Araby Civic Association. He’s also dedicated countless hours working as a member of the Southern Frederick County Youth Athletic Facilities Group (SFCYAF), instrumental in the construction of athletic playing fields on county-owned property in Urbana — donated work estimated at more than $800,000 by current BOCC members.

Taylor, 70, has assisted on the construction of the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department, where he later served as its treasurer and a board of directors’ member; he’s the past president of the Araby, Monocacy and Urbana Jr. Hawks’ baseball and softball associations.

He also served as a foster parent to the three children whom he and wife, Barb, have now adopted as their own.

What you may not know is that the Urbana resident is a candidate for the Frederick Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), running in the September primary as a Republican.

Taylor says his decision to run came after witnessing businesses leaving the county for greener pastures, homeowners facing foreclosures and job losses, struggling small business owners, and recent graduates unable to find employment.

He and Barb, who have eight children and seven grandchildren, have lived in Frederick County for more than 40 years.

As the first member of his immediate family to complete grade and high school, Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Virginia University, and he worked for nearly 40 years for the General Accounting Office, Department of Energy and U.S. Army.

He is proud of the job opportunities the county has afforded him, its good school system, and what he calls “adequate” recreational facilities.

“Although Frederick County has a great past, the current economic climate clouds its future,” he said.

For Taylor, the lack of job opportunities concerns him most. “We need to make improvements here,” he said. “Because of all the benefits that my family has enjoyed while living in Frederick County, I cannot sit idly by and do nothing while the local economy continues to fall apart.”

In the county, Taylor would like to see new revenue streams created, eliminating any increased taxation.

Businesses can prosper, he feels, by reducing administrative requirements.

“The best hope for the future of Frederick County is to have job growth,” he said. “I’m not ‘no growth.’ We need to support it, and we can’t raise taxes in this environment to grow the budget.”

Education and job growth go hand-in-hand, according to Taylor.

“For job growth to happen, it is imperative that Frederick County continues to provide quality education for our youth,” he said.

Unlike many other candidates, Taylor won’t accept any campaign contributions; he is financing his own campaign, confident that those who really know him will support him.

“With my experience, I feel that I can do a better job than those in there now, and I will do a better job,” he said. “Now is the time for all of us to do our part to make Frederick County all it can be for future generations.”


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