Threat at Urbana High Ruled Unfounded

An unspecified threat to Urbana High School, possibly spurred by a fight in a bathroom, was investigated by police and found to be without merit.

Principal David Kehne, in a letter sent home to parents, said that on Oct. 12, a fight started in a bathroom and was filmed and
uploaded to social media. Kehne urged students to use more traditional ways to pass on information and to contact an adult if
they became aware of fights or threats.

In the meantime, nearly a week later, students began seeing messages on social media that seemed to indicate a threat to the school. Kehne said that he contacted his school resource officer who called in investigators and they were able to trace the threat to its origin and to the fight during the previous week.

After a series of interviews, it was determined that there was no credible threat and students could safely attend school. Attendance on Oct. 18 was about normal, Kehne said.


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